A male in chastity


Don’t know if anyone will ever read this.  I may not be that regular with postings, but I am a male who is currently in chastity and this is my first post..  My device of choice is a Mature Metal Jail Bird cage.  Custom made to match my anatomy, it is pretty comfortable and allows me to sleep with it with no issues.  They are costly, but I believe the costs are worth the effort.  I do have a CB6000 for travel/concert purposes as I am not really up for the embarrassment of a metal detector discovering the cage–at least most of the time!…lol   There are times when I am so horny that I would like to be discovered.  The cage is incredibly effective in preventing erections, so my wife controls all erections and orgasms that I have.  I recently went 26.5 days between orgasms–though I may not have to wait that long again–of course I may have to wait longer.  If I ask about cumming, I am punished so I have learned not to ask.  If it happens I enjoy and otherwise, I just keep quiet.

Nothing pleases me more than to give my lady orgasms.  I find it pleasurable and very exciting.  To feel her cock straining at it’s cage while I pleasure her is a wicked pleasure for me.  I also very much enjoy being edged.  This makes me want to do anything to cum, but she is good at having me recage her cock after edging me.  Of course this drives my horniness to new highs but is also pleasurable for me.  To be frank, I both want to cum and want not to cum.

We have toys that I use on her including various dildos, vibrators and strap-ons.  It is a strange sensation to be fucking her with a strap-on as I feel nothing myself. But as long as she is enjoying it, I will continue to do it at her request.  One of our favourite toys is a dildo I wear over my chin.  This allows me to fuck her with the dildo and lick her at the same time.  Both of us get very excited at this.

I will be back!

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