Contract Extension

So when I decided I wanted to try chastity, I thought long and hard about how to approach my wife about it.  She knew I had a device–it was a metal works cage that we had bought when we were together at a sex shop.  But she had never really jumped into it–seemingly content to allow me to wear it occasionally but no more.  The longest I had worn it was only 3-4 days.  That cage was ok, but the ring had a hinge and I had to wear a piece of leather under the joint to prevent pinching.  Ultimately, that wasn’t going to be the cage.

So I did some research.  The Jail Bird by Mature Metal seemed consistently highly ranked.  I contacted them and purchased the sizing rings and then waited for them to arrive.  Once I had them, I took my time and measured myself as they had suggested.  This is not a one time deal–you need to measure yourself when not excited and totally flacid many times.  I also wore the sample base rings to determine which one I would be ok to wear for an extended period of time.  I also had to wait until I could afford to purchase the cage.  Mature Metal does great work and are very responsive to your needs, but the cost isn’t slight.  In the grand scheme of things, they aren’t expensive, but as a Canadian, with the exchange, I would be spending more than $500.

Finally the stars were in alignment and I ordered the cage.  Almost 6 weeks to the day later, I received a package of “artwork” in the mail.  My cage had arrived.  Now to approach my wife.  I had been searching for a contract that I might adapt and use.  I found several and they all had their pluses and minuses.  However I chose one and proceeded to adjust it to suit our likely needs/desires.  The added bonus of the contract was how it explained the cage and the use of it as well as giving ideas for punishments and general use.  When printed, it was 25 pages.  I decided to ask her to read the contract on a weekend we were going away for.  It was just to be the two of us and with several hours in the car both ways, it seemed a good time to discuss the possibility of trying chastity out.

I admit to being nervous as this was a long held secret.  Strange what we find difficult to speak of with our wives. At any rate, she managed to get through the disertation/contract.  She actually thanked me as it opened her eyes to what I was enjoying/fantasizing about while wearing the cage.  And she agreed to try it out for a period of what ended up being 2.5 months.

From November 29th to February 15th, I was caged.  Now I was  allowed out when I went to the gym.  And I was allowed out for some play sessions, but otherwise I was caged.  As my wife was ill in January and we didn’t go to the gym, I was caged pretty well the whole month–we didn’t play much then either.  Sickness tends to diminish the desire to play sexually.

Still I got a great deal out of this arrangement.  My wife didn’t mind it, but when the contract was over, she wasn’t ready to jump right back in.  We signed a new contract at the start of June that was to go until August 31st.  Yesterday, we extended it to January 31, 2017.  I’m ecstatic about this and hope that we can extend it as we approach that deadline.

I will refer to my wife as Queen M from now on.  Next post, I will discuss some of her issues with the arrangement and how I have tried to minimize them.  Hopefully someone will choose to read this.


  1. It is interesting, what we struggle to share with the one person we think loves us just as we are. I think it’s scary because we’ve shown them who we are….except there is this one, deeply personal, longed for experience that might completely change the way you see me.

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