Blogs I follow–or try to

So I thought I’d list some blogs that I follow and hopefully provide  a link to them.  This will be a post that I will likely have to revisit from time to time as I may add or delete blogs at any time.

The first blog that I started to follow is  They are located at  

This journal has been kept for close to three years and is written by Lion and also by his Lioness.  Lion is in his third year of caged chastity.  The blog generally is very active with two posts on most days.   First, around 10:00 in the morning (EST), Lion submits a topic.  Later (~5:00 in the afternoon), Lioness submits a topic.  Both members of this couple have their own viewpoints and I really enjoy reading from both perspectives.  They have expanded the blog to include all sorts of bonuses info–especially for those new to caged chastity.  They also have an extensive reference system.  To be frank, I would like to do something similar, but at this point have no idea how. lol

Another blog I follow is Domina Jen.  This is located at

Domina Jen is a dominant woman who has three male slaves.  One is her husband.  One is another local male and the third is a male some distance away from her.  She has at least one child and talks about events that happen in her life as well as some of her philosophical beliefs.

I will add others in future posts, but I did want to address some of the issues my wife has had with chastity and caging me.

First, my wife likes me to penetrate her.  She likes to be awakened with penetration sometimes and she finds it a pain to get up and get the key so that I can be unlocked.  The days that she likes to be awakened that way are on the weekends, so she has instituted a rule where I’m cageless for Friday and Saturday nights.  I keep the ring on, but the cage comes off.  This way if she feels like it, she can play with her cock and she doesn’t have to get up to get the key (I don’t know where she keeps it obviously).   Keeping the ring on allows a couple of things:  first, the ring acts as a cock ring helping my erections and secondly, having the ring on makes it much easier to get the cage back on when she gets up.

At times I may be kept from orgasm for several weeks–indeed the way it has been going, I seem to be kept from orgasm for a minimum of 3-4 weeks.  By the end of that time, I am extremely horny and also sometimes a little quick to orgasm.  Again this bothers my wife who loves penetration.  To combat this, I have a couple of extenders.  One adds more length while the other really adds girth.  They also provide for less stimulation to her penis.  I have also purchased some deadening agents that anesthetize her penis.  These have helped me to last a long time and she can use her cock as she needs.  I also have a dildo that I can wear on my chin.  This allows me to penetrate her while also using my mouth to please her.  All of these things allow me to keep my wife happy and still not orgasm myself.    Last weekend we played several times, but the one major time,  Queen M was able to have in excess of 15 orgasms while her cock (i.e. me) had none.   It was a tremendously fun time for me despite my lack of orgasm.  There is really nothing I like better than pleasing my wife.


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