More blogs…

So another blog I follow is  A link to this is below:

This is a blog that is written both by the wife and husband in a couple practicing ‘chastity’…i.e. the male is often in a chastity cage.  I like this blog because I am getting the female perspective and viewpoint.  To be frank, I tend to like blogs written by women or blogs that have a strong female influence.  This is because I am male and as a male, I’m always trying to understand women and what makes them tick.  But I also like to see what other males are experiencing and how they feel/deal with the issues that crop up as a caged male.

I also follow Monkey in a Cage link:

monkey in a cage

Again a couple are part of this blog about male chastity and female led relationships.  So again I get both viewpoints.

These blogs aren’t the only ones I follow, but they are amongst the most active–I will highlight others in time.

Now though, I must be on my way–we’re heading out of town–a good chance we’ll actually give the ball zapper a real try this weekend.  I’m both excited and nervous about that, but perhaps more excited.

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