Weekend Fun

My lovely lady and I went away this past weekend–just us–no kids.  It really doesn’t get any better!  Now I love my kids, but 2 days of freedom are not to be scoffed at!

So as we left, I thought I should grab the emergency key–I knew Queen M had plans, but I also knew she likely would forget the key.  I brought a number of our toys, some spanking implements, and our newest toy–the zapper!  The zapper is actually a shock collar for a small dog.  As you can see from the packaging, it has 15 levels.  We have done a little exploration of this device, but are far from experts at this point in time.IMG_0760[1]

The collar is adjustable so I’ve cut it and it fits nicely around the base of my balls.  IMG_0761[1]The green light means it’s on and thus will receive signals telling it to shock the dog or the guy in chastity–me!  lol  The remote is hidden somewhere by my wife, but here is the diagram supplied with the box.IMG_0763[1]

When I’m wearing it and she hits the stimulation button, I am shocked at whatever level she has set the device.  She can hit the +2 button and that will send a signal two levels higher than she has set.  It is quite effective, but I don’t know enough about it yet.  I believe the strongest signal she has sent my way was at level eight, but she is pretty close-mouthed about these things.  That stimulation was given to me in the car on the way home because I was drowsy.  I can guarantee you that I was wide awake for the remainder of the drive.  I also seem to get a chubby when stimulated this way.  Or at least as much of a chubby as a guy in a metal cage can get.

We had a great weekend.   Saturday night, Queen M looked at me with dismay and said, “I forgot the key!”  At that point I indicated I had the emergency key if she wanted me to use it.  She would have been really pissed if I hadn’t.  So I was uncaged and able to please my Lady with my mouth, some toys, and her penis.   Lady M had about 15 orgasms while I had a lot of fun giving them to her.  I’m now 9 days past my last orgasm, and I think I’m getting better at denying myself.  Certainly I was able to remain erect and avoid cumming all weekend.  This is a good thing as Queen M really likes to be penetrated.


  1. I had read of others using a device like this. So I explored and now it is used on me a lot. Today when she comes home, she’ll start zapping me as she drives down our street and I will be out to the car to greet her and help carry her files into the house. I’ve also had the maximum shock many many times.


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