Punishments… and the need? of them

So to enter this lifestyle, I used a contract which both my wife and I signed.  One of the features of this contract was the concept of punishment(s).  While I am not really a lover of pain, I do like the control that punishments inflicted upon me is indicative of.  Therefore I submit to them and try to follow the rules. Queen M sets the rules.  To be honest they aren’t really onerous, but they do concern behaviours of mine that irritate and bother her.  As such, they are difficult for me to stop–all habits are!  So I find myself in opposition to the rules periodically.  This past weekend, we went away and I had 8 punishments built up–I then received another for a total of nine.  Now I knew that in this case I would be spanked, but I didn’t know how many spanks 9 punishments was equal to.

In the past Queen M has increased the spank count exponentially.  The first infraction was 2 smacks, the second was 4, the third 8 etc.  However she expressed some disatisfaction with that system and thought she would do something different.  So I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was sort of figuring that each infraction would be 3-5 smacks which would mean I was due 27-45 hits.  As my wife isn’t gentle, that seemed reasonable.  Imagine my surprise when she indicated that each infraction was going to get 20 smacks.  OUCH!!  Thankfully, she decided to give me half on Saturday and the remainder on Sunday.  I had brought her four favourite implements:

Above from the left, we have a crop, the wooden spoon, a quality flogger and a paddle.  She will also sometimes use her hair brush and her hand.   So Saturday I leaned over the bed bare-ass and received my 90 smacks.  Then Sunday morning I received the last smacks!  My ass has been red for several days now.

Another means of punishment is IcyHot.  This is not something I enjoy either, but she hasn’t used it very often.  She has threatened to have me masturbate using the IcyHot as lube, but thankfully hasn’t actually made me do this.  IMG_0765[1]

IcyHot extra strength has 10% menthol and it will make you dance.  When she’s used it on me, I am unable to stay still.  It lasts about 40-50 minutes, and while there is no lasting harm, it is really unpleasant.

So there you have it.  These are the usual punishments that I am subjected to.   I see the need, and I submit as required, but I don’t have to like them! lol

Incidentally, she added a new rule this weekend!  I’m not to chew my gum with my mouth open.  Now I don’t regularly do that, but it seems that occasionally I do.  Now I’m not to happy to chew gum in her presence.  A loss of concentration and I’m due 20 smacks…


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