Why I like this lifestyle

So I’m in a cage.  So I’ve given my penis to Queen M.  So she controls my erections, my orgasms–my entire sex life.  So I’ve given her the right to spank/punish me for any infraction she deems I’ve made.  Why???

In the long and short of it, there is no easy answer.  Today I’m at 18 days since my last orgasm.  I went 26.5 days before that, so in the past 44 days, I’ve only had 1 orgasm.  In many ways this is unthinkable.  I used to masturbate often.  If the house was empty, I would masturbate.  If I had a day off work in an empty house I likely masturbated 3-5 times.  I would sometimes masturbate when I woke up as my wife almost always gets out of bed before me.  When I was younger I would masturbate even more frequently.  Now I can’t–at my request!  Have I gone soft in the head??  Am I no longer interested in sex??

Well, you’ll have to be the judge on the answer to my first question, but I can assure you that I am definitely interested in sex thinking about it often (some might say 90% of the time).  I guess part of the reason is the excitement of giving up control to my wife.  Queen M is a fantastic lady that I find beautiful and exciting.  She turns me on incredibly.  She needs only show me her body, say something in my ear, dress in a certain way and her penis is struggling to grow in it’s tiny cage.  I love to give her orgasms.  It doesn’t matter how I achieve those goals, as I become so excited and enjoy doing that so much.  When she keeps me in the cage, I bulge out and want more.  When she lets me out of the cage, her penis is as hard as it can get.  She will sometimes use it and the pleasure that I experience is awesome.  By not orgasming, I carry that excitement with me and build on it each successive sexual moment.  In other words both my frustration and my sexual excitement rises higher and higher.  Last time she had orgasms, she had about 8, and then said that’s enough.  Put your cage on.  That turned out to be easier said than done as it took me close to 50 minutes to soften enough to allow the cage to fit.  A cool shower and some ice were necessary to help that process happen.  But it was so exciting to me for her to calmly say that and not allow me any more stimulation.  Damn I was excited!!

And then there’s the punishment.  Why put yourself in a position to experience pain?  And frankly my wife is hitting more often and harder on a more regular basis.  It helps me to feel like she’s in control.  It helps me to know she owns the penis and is the sole decision maker of what happens sexually.  She was warned me to be careful what I wish for, and maybe at some point in the future, I will regret this turn of events.  However I don’t think so.  I think I will relish where this relationship might end up going to.  We aren’t in what is typically a FLR.  She doesn’t want that and I’m ok with how we’re going.  Still, when someone controls the sex in a couple and has the right to punish there is a clear power shift.  Maybe one day she will assume total control.

All I know is that I love my wife and she loves me.  At this point in time we both are enjoying the male chastity lifestyle.  I’m really curious how things will go next week when we are on vacation.  I’m hoping she continues to keep me caged, but there is a chance she will say–take it off, you will be uncaged this vacation.  Time will tell and I’ll update you when I return.  I hope to do at least one more post before we leave and then there’ll be a larger gap between posts.


  1. (punishment) “It helps me to feel like she’s in control.”
    That is exactly it for me but my wife is apprehensive about any hitting. We tried it a few times but it didn’t really catch on for her. Her punishments are mostly delayed orgasms and extra work at this point.

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  2. When I’m struggling with my writing and wondering what men thing, I often find myself over here meandering through post that I haven’t previously gotten through. If I am ever successful at this lifestyle I will have to almost wholly give you the credit!


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