So the driving motivation for being in chastity is sex and yet I’ve only had one orgasm in the past 45 days.  I’ve had lots of sex.  Queen M has had many orgasms.  I’d have to go through my journal to determine exactly how many, but I know it’s at least 40.  So 40 orgasms to none…. hmmm.   After our most recent love making session she told me to recage.  Then she asked, “Is this really what you want?  I thought the goal of sex was to orgasm.  I’m having trouble understanding why you don’t.”

Then she added, “You should be careful what you wish for!” and she smiled a smile that might be interpreted in many different ways.  I chose to take it exactly the way I wanted and found that comment very exciting.  I also thought that she was finally getting what I was hoping for.

I explained to her that the process is often more fun or almost as much fun as the end result.  I told her how the build-up of excitement and the pleasure along the way was more and more fun/exciting as I went longer and longer without orgasm.    “hmmm” was all she said.  In my journal later I wrote that I could likely be very happy with only 12 orgasms each year.  I don’t know if that frequency will be what I end up with.  It’s outside of my control.  Still, we go away Sunday and I will potentially reach and pass my current record of 26 days while away.  I know that we will have lots of sex.  I know that Queen M will have many many orgasms.  I know that I will bring our toys including the strap-on I can use on her as well as my two extenders–and I know these toys will help to keep me from orgasm.  Whether she decides I have one or not will be something I find out at the appropriate time.

Honestly, I do feel like the sexual tension and excitement that I build up over time is as enjoyable as ejaculation.  I get great pleasure from giving my wife orgasms.  The more the merrier–at least from my perspective.  Queen M is very expressive as she orgasms and is a squirter.  I so enjoy the chance to drink from her!  What do others of you think?


  1. I like the way you explain it. I like that you like to ride the wave as long as possible. I’ve also read elsewhere that the recovery after orgasm can be a bit, maybe depressing isn’t the right word but that sort of way for man. A come down from the excitement.


    • It is a downer in some ways. I was psyched up to go two years. So when she had me come after 485 days I admit to feeling bittersweet afterwards. I felt shock when she had me cum again so quickly after that. But we seem to be back at things again as I’m 55 days since my last orgasm. I’ll be curious to see how many orgasms she has me have this year. It is important to her that I have them occasionally! The question is how occasionally??? 😜

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