Well here I am in the Bahamas.  Still at the airport and looking forward to some great times. I’m caged in my plastic CB6000 though my jailbird is in my luggage. Hope to change tonight at the resort.  The CB is ok–reasonably comfortable but I am far more comfortable in the metal Jailbird.  And I sleep well in it too.  23 days since my last orgasm so we’ll see if  I get one this week or even several (unlikely) as we are on Holiday. Excited that Queen M wanted me in a cage.  Thought she might not so this is a great sign.

Been here now several days. Queen M has had 32 orgasms while I am now 27 days without.  That’s a new record for us!  I have been spanked and am currently owed 120 more smacks.  Hope to get them out of the way soon.

Will write more when I have access to a keyboard.

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