Home again

Well, we are home.  It was likely the best holiday I’ve ever had!  The weather was great.  The beaches were great. The water was the nicest of any place I’ve been–crystal clear, warm without being too hot and a stunning turquoise blue.  We ate very well and made a few trips.  But most of all we relaxed and had fun together.

When we left I was at 23 days since my last orgasm.  Now I’m at 32 days since my last orgasm.  Not sure when I’ll be allowed to cum, but in reality it doesn’t matter as I’m enjoying things as they are.  Besides, I gave away my rights to make these decisions.

We had a lot of sex while away.  It was great and very exciting.  Queen M had more than 50 orgasms which isn’t too bad for a 7 day trip.  (I have a journal that I write in daily and so keep track of such things.  lol)    Also I had brought toys and a delay cream.  So I was able to go for a long time and the toys added a little pizzazz.  I felt so connected with her on this trip–it really doesn’t get any better.

Now on the other hand, I was punished.  She was calling me Zebra Cheeks because the marks from the spankings were hanging around.  They will tend to do that when you get 160 spanks at a time.  My wife is a strong woman and she is hitting with more and more force each spanking–or at least it feels like it.   The marks are also tending to last a lot longer.  I sometimes go 2 weeks between discipline sessions.  Marks are now easily lasting a week and might eventually still be there by my next spanking..Be careful what you wish for–I’ve never been into pain and I don’t like the spankings, but I need to learn to follow the rules better.  After the spankings are over, I feel very close to my wife.  It’s intriguing how hot my ass feels and how that heat stays with me for quite some time.  I was spanked twice–once 160 and once 120 blows as she is trying to stop me from doing some habits that annoy her.  I do these things often without thinking and bang I’m due for more punishment.

I also brought the dog zapper.  We finally got to try this out extensively as well.  She hadn’t wanted me to get one, but I wanted to try it out.  After the two spankings, her arm was sore, so she decided that she would use the zapper for my next punishment session.  So Saturday night I was due 120 punishment smacks or ?  She had me put on the zapper and gave me 40 zapps.  My reaction caused her much amusement and she was laughing.  For some peculiar reason I tend to get excited when zapped and she thought this was hilarious as I jumped around with an erection so she told me to masturbate.  I wasn’t to cum, but she decided to give the last 80 smacks to me as shocks instead.  So here I was trying to count backwards, masturbate, and remember to thank her after each shock.  I was trying to kneel at her feet and kiss her knees too…  She had a great laugh, and I cleared my slate again.

So we’ve used the zapper quite a bit since that day.  Mine has 15 levels and she has hit me often with the top level.  I can’t control myself and jump quite a bit.  If my mouth is open or I’m talking I yelp or do something similar.  We used it yesterday while we were doing erands.  She likes to be a distance away from me and then hit me with a shock while others are nearby.  We have discovered it works easily across a large grocery store.  She thinks it’s hilarious to see other’s reactions and my attempt to explain my odd behaviour.  It also works when she is in the car in our driveway and I’m in the house.  She ran a little erand on her own later yesterday and needed my assistance.  She shocked me to get me out to help her.  I do tend to move quickly when she shocks me.  This might turn out to be another case of be careful what you wish for.  However it turns me on that she likes it.  I have to say that 100 or more shocks at one time are a challenge, but there is that sexual excitement that follows. I am glad though that it doesn’t have a level higher than 15.  lol



  1. “After the spankings are over, I feel very close to my wife.”
    Yes, I’ve felt this to and it is probably the best part.
    The shocker sounds intriguing. Do you still use it?

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