Travelling and other thoughts

So I’ve now made two plane flights wearing a chastity cage.  My steel Jail Bird was in my luggage, but I wore my plastic CB 6000.  The CB 6000 is relatively comfortable though I find it difficult to get on.  I’m just a little bigger in diameter than the plastic tube–not gigantic, but even with lube I really have to push and squeeze myself to fit in.  Once in, it’s all good.  The plastic locks are inexpensive and do a good job–what they are supposed to do anyways and I went through all the security measures without fuss.  Could the person looking through the screen see the cage??  I don’t know and I wasn’t given any smirks or smiles that seemed unusual, so from my perspective, everything went well.

Bathrooms on planes are small, so using them I always sit anyways–with a cage that is my norm anyways.  I laughingly said to my wife that I’m no longer used to standing to pee–and she said that’s as it should be.

A couple of nights ago I was uncaged and allowed to enter my wife.  But it was a surprise and I hadn’t had time to “ready myself (both physically and psychologically)” and was on a hair trigger.  So I wasn’t in for very long.  I did use my hand to give my wife a strong orgasm–she nearly crushed my hand as she came–and then she slept peacefully through the night.  I’m now at 37 days with no orgasm.  I can begin to understand how people go much longer.  The erotic tension is crazy!  It’s not that you’re unbearably horny all the time, but when presented with the opportunity to have sex, you are beyond horny.  At those times I would do many things for an orgasm.  However when I’m denied, and my erection dies down, I’m ok and life goes on.  I have found that on some days I seem to be hyper horny–and I do think about sex with my wife more than usual, but I can carry a conversation and do my job, cook etc. without problem.

I asked my wife what type of punishment I could expect should I orgasm without permission.  She looked at me and seriously said (after a moment of contemplation), “Perhaps your next orgasm would be 60, or  90 days away–or even a year!”  Now I’m beginning to think I might only have 8-10 orgasms in this year, but one would be interesting to go for.  I think the year comment was just teasing me, but it is interesting where her mind is going.  Two months ago, she thought 2.5 weeks was a long time.  Now I’ve only had one orgasm in the past 63 days.

This morning we have a date.  Will I cum?  Don’t know, but I’m up early to ready myself.  I want it to be a perfect experience for my wife and I want to be able to go without cumming.  If she decides I get to cum I’ll be able, but if she decides I don’t I need to be able too!


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