New Records–for me at least!

So we hit September.  This means I have gone 41 days without orgasm.  Each day I extend that record and I have no idea how long I’ll go–that’s up to my wife and keyholder to decide.  But in the meantime, I’ve set another record as I had not one orgasm during August.  This is the first time I’ve gone without an orgasm in one calender month since I was a pretty young dude.  I’m feeling good; at times very horny and at other times just a little bit horny.  I do think about sex and pleasing my wife an awful lot, but it certainly isn’t a bit like the fantasy dudes portray.  We were supposed to be without children this weekend, but unfortunately plans fell through–I thought I might get an orgasm then but now it will likely have to wait until we are next childless.  Those of you with kids will understand–my wife can’t relax when they are in the house (our kids are teenagers and a closed door means nothing to them–even locked).  I also find myself being a bit more vocal now that I’ve gone so long and it is harder to be quiet for me too.  Therefore we only play a little when the kids are around and most times I’m not in a position to even think about cumming.  However when the kids are away, all bets are off.

Queen M still feels a bit guilty denying me though.  After our last session of love making, she mentioned feeling guilty to me and I tried to assure her that the increased sexual tension and the absolute pleasure I feel after giving her multiple orgasms is a wonderful feeling that has built over the past month and a half.  An orgasm is desirable, but might very well take some of that pleasure away.  I’ve also assured her that if she asks me whether I want an orgasm or not, I will always say yes when I am in the throws of wild horniness.  lol  But I’ve also assured her that should she deny me, I’ll be ok once that edge of horniness has left me–and I’ll be that much more focussed on pleasing her the next time.  So we’ll see what happens.  She’s talked of keeping me without orgasm for months and up to a year.  So I really have no idea what’s in my future.

By the way, I still have more blogs to talk about.  One that I’ve found recently is Robert Anthony’s Chastity and Femdom site.  The address is at:Robert Anthony’s chastity and femdom.

This is a site that started back in 2011 and it seems to be regularly added to by Robert.  I’ve only had a little bit of time to explore it, but he has many good features and has been in chastity for all this time.  As such I am a neophyte, while he is an expert.  Check it out!

I’ve earned some more punishments the past few days.  We were away with the two youngest kids (the teenagers) so my wife didn’t feel comfortable disciplining me.  My number has risen to 270–and at some point I’ll receive some combination of smacks and zapps to equal that number.  I suppose it is possible that I’ll be treated to the Icy Hot cream as well, but she doesn’t use that method very often.  She does like the zapping thing, but we’ll see.  Hopefully I won’t add too many more infractions and increase the number before I am punished.  But as everytime I make an infraction of any type my number increases by 40, I could be zapped and jumping around for a good long time.

One final note:  I was referring to my wife as Lady M–I’m michael and therefore she would take that initial from me, but one of the blogs I follow already has a Lady M.  Therefore out of respect for that Mistress in that blog, I’m now referring to my wife as Queen M.  She says she’s the Queen anyways so it’s likely a better fit.  Also she likes her anonimity so her name will not even be hinted at.  At some point I’ll go back through my blogs and make the change.

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