Zapp and My Wild Cherry

Been busy but I will be making two or more posts each week.  I’ve indicated that my wife was really not that interested in getting a dog zapper to use on me, but that I went out and bought one anyways.  So for the past two weeks we’ve been on holiday and my wife has had me uncaged–so she had quick and easy access to her penis.  However while I was uncaged, most days I was set up with the zapper around my balls.  My wife loves zapping me.  She loves to surprise me and to be honest when you’re wearing it all day, eventually there are times when you just forget you have it on.  These are the times she loves to hit me.  The other day we were shopping.  I had my purchases and was paying for them with my wife in line behind me.  Suddenly I was maximally shocked and I leapt in response.  It’s likely a good thing I was not speaking as I tend to make weird sounds when shocked like that.  My wife kept looking downwards though her shoulders were shaking.  The gentleman taking my money said nothing and made as if nothing had happened.  I was impressed with his stoic expression.  I was on pins and needles not knowing if she would follow that shock up with another.  But in this case she did not.img_08891

Two nights ago, we went out for dinner.  Coming home, we stopped at a grocery store to buy something for dessert.  I was going to pass, but my wife offered to be my plate.  She is standing there wearing this short dress and no panties and is offering to be my plate.  Of course I said I would have some cherry pie.


Cherry pie is my fave and when offered such a delightful plate, how could I refuse?  I was beyond excited as she lay back on a towel on the bed, raised up her dress and spread her legs.  I carefully put my pie on her and proceeded to chow down.


Tasty in all respects and a good person always cleans their plates.  In the process Queen M had several orgasms.  When the pie was done, she had me stand beside her and she reached into my pants to fondle her penis.  Angus was rigid and she told me to get the vibrator and one of my extenders.  I then fucked her vigorously enjoying myself too.  The extender lets me go a long time without cumming and I haven’t had permission to cum for quite some time.  It is likely that I will set more records as time goes on.  She has suggested that by year’s end I might not have even one orgasm.  After she had had 7 orgasms, she had me take off the extender and enter her again.  I was shaking with desire and passion for her.  And then she said “That’s enough”.   She told me to move to my side of the bed as we were done.   I love when she shuts me down like that finding it so very  hot.  Fabulous night!!


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