Punishment Catch up Combined with Pleasure

So my punishment number reached an awful 310.  Now that number is indeed intimidating for me.  It could be any combination of shocks or smacks.  Frankly, I don’t look forward to either, but we need to do something to lower the number.  Queen M was talking about getting back on track with discipline this weekend and she is a woman of her word.  So we went for a 10 km walk and I wore the zapper.  I’m sure anyone watching us would have been amused as at times I was jumping and moving erratically as my Queen shocked me.  When we returned home, I took off my clothes as per her request and received punishment smacks with the wooden spoon in the kitchen and then later more punishment smacks with paddles and flogger upstairs.  At any rate my number is now a more manageable 80 and I suspect that I will lower that to zero today–though it is possible that an infraction today will add to my punishment, I’m sure I’ll be at zero tomorrow morning.

After receiving my punishments yesterday, we showered and then I was told to kneel in front of her.  She asked me to take her picture and I did before being told to play with her breasts under her top.  She then asked me to kneel again and to kiss her and tease her through her panties.  I did my best to get inside them with my tongue, but the panties were just too tight.  Eventually she had me stand again and she moved forward and took her penis into her mouth.  This went on for quite some time with me teasing her and then she teasing me using her hands and mouth.  I was sooo close to cumming but managed not to do so.  Eventually she told me to put on one of my extenders and to fuck her.  img_0907

I chose my black one and proceeded to fuck her long and hard.  Overall, I fucked her and used the vibrator on her and licked her and did a combination of all three numberous times.  She also masturbated a few times while I played with her ass and breasts. It was exciting and fabulous.  She had 11 orgasms and then was totally satiated.  She had me lie beside her and Angus was still hard encased in his extender.


It was an awesome session.  Afterwards she said it was time to get dressed and that was that.  No questions about whether I wanted to cum or not.  No sense of guilt that I hadn’t cum.  Just total relaxation and a strong sense of oneness with me.  Today on our walk, she was wondering how explosive my orgasm will be when she finally allows me one.  She mused about my birthday (next May) or perhaps Christmas.  Then she laughed and said “Maybe even today.”  One thing is for sure, things are starting to change and I like it a lot.

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