My Evolution in Chastity

So time continues and as everyone in a relationship knows, it will change and evolve.  This is my second time doing the chastity thing.  The first time was a short time that started on Nov. 28th, 2015 and finished on Feb. 18th 2016. In that time frame we learned a lot and I would have been happy to continue but by wife was less impressed.  Orgasms were one-sided as expected, but towards the end of the contract, she allowed me quite a few.  She had 59, while I had 12 full orgasms and 1 ruined.  9 of my orgasms happened in the last 23 days of the contract.  I really enjoyed this contract finding it exciting and totally sexually satisfying.  I had too many orgasms, but in part that was because my wife felt guilty denying me.

After this first contract had ended, Queen M wanted to wait for a bit before starting again.  I had had problems lasting when Angus was removed from his cage and allowed to penetrate Queen M.  This was a problem for my Queen as she dearly enjoys penetration.  Still, we did sign a new contract. This second contract started on June 6th.  It was to end on Sept. 30, 2016.  We extended this to January 2017 and then extended it again to Sept. 30, 2017–still over a year away.  As we approach the end of this contract, I hope to convince Queen M to extend it yet again, but time will tell.

Since this new contract many things have changed.  First the orgasm count is far more lopsided.  Queen M has had 124 orgasms while I have only had 2.  I’m working on 55 days since my last orgasm (each day is a new record) and might even finish September without one–making a record two calendar months in a row without orgasms.  My Queen seems quite content to deny me and I admit that is incredibly exciting to me.  She teases me and then shuts me down.  She has suggested that I might finish the year without an orgasm.   That would be tough, but it would also be fun and exciting.  I have been what I term “Hyper Horny” three times over this second contract period.  The first two times was for about an hour and a half.  The most recent time I was hyper horny for about 16 hours.  I would have done almost anything for some attention.  If my Queen had told me to fuck a cactus, I would have.  Hyper horniness is a unique state of mind and I am curious to see if/when I feel that way again and for how long it might last.  If she continues to tease me, I am sure that I will get there again and that it might last longer.  I’m also curious to see if others have ever experienced it-if you have please let me know.  When it leaves me, I am still horny, but I am not overcome with it.

Queen M is also being much more consistent with punishing me.  I like that she is being strict though I am never happy with the punishment.  But if I break the rules, I should face the consequences.  She is feeling much more comfortable telling me to do things.  So far we still talk about many decisions and I am allowed to make many of them.  However, she is also not afraid to say “we’re doing this because I say so” or “you will do ____”.

Our rules for the cage have changed.  While she can require me to wear both cage and zapper, that is something she would have to verbally tell me to.  Otherwise, I wear the cage Monday morning to Friday night and I wear the zapper most weekends.  She likes Angus to be easy access on weekends when we are more prone to play.  Having to wait while I leave the room so that she can get the key is a mood disrupter for my Queen.  She also likes to be able to zap me whenever she wishes on the weekends as she can provide instant correction cues for my behaviour.

I am enjoying my experience.  As my wife becomes more confident in the lifestyle, I become even happier.  To help with “staying power”, I use extenders and delay creams on her penis.  A little goes a long way and I am like a teenager again.  This allows my Queen to orgasm as many as 11-15 times in a session.  Most sessions are stopped before then though as she is exhausted and completely satiated.  I,  on the other hand, am sometimes vibrating with desire for her.  The feeling is an awesome one that I love.  I get sooo close, but have been able to pull back and stop myself from cumming.  This is beyond exciting and is the whole reason I love this chastity thing.


  1. As my longest time without an orgasm is 3 weeks, I dont have the hyper experience you refer to but I have had quite a few short ones – 5 minutes or so, while she is teasing me relentlessly and it has been several days since I came. It is a state I love to be in but I am also very vulnerable to be talked into anything 🙂

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