60 Days and counting… and some new punishments resulting in “Serious shrinkage”

So as of today, I am 60 days since my last orgasm.  Actually now I’d be 60.5 days..lol   Who knew that I’d still be going strong at this point.  To be honest I was sure my wife would give me an orgasm when we went to our summer holiday destination.  We flew there and had many extended sexual sessions.  She had a lot of orgasms.  I was beyond excited several times, but I wasn’t permitted to cum.  I thought she might let me as I approached 40 days, but again no.  Now I have no idea when she’ll give me one.  She has suggested Christmas or late next spring as an option.  Those suggestions are starting to become believable.  I’m ok with that–I am enjoying the high sexual tension and I have been in several periods of what I term “hyper horniness”.  This feeling of extreme horniness makes everything seem sexual.  I’m very susceptible to suggestion and willing to do almost anything sexual.  So far these periods are relatively short lived, but as I go forward in this chastity journey, they might appear more frequently and last for longer periods of time.

My wife has decided on a new punishment and how older punishment methods will be applied from now on.  Every time I break one of her rules, she adds 40 to my punishment number.  For some rules she adds 60.  My current punishment number is 159.  To reduce that number, my punishment can happen in many ways.  We live in Canada and the weather is getting much cooler.  We have a pool and without a heater the water temperature is now in the 60’s (about 18 degrees Celsius).  So some of my punishment will be to do lengths in the pool.  Each length will reduce my punishment number by 1.  I’m expecting some serious shrinkage here as when the water is very cold the male anatomy is prone to retreat into the body.  I don’t know how many lengths I’m going to be able to do.  Another more typical method is the spanking.  Again one smack reduces the punishment number by 1.  Another method is the electric shock.  I wear a dog’s shock collar around my balls when told to and my wife loves shocking me.  She has shocked me at the highest levels.  We have discovered the strength of the shock is much stronger if she holds the switch for a longer time.  However one shock equals one number on the punishment system.  The only thing that might reduce the number by more than one is Icy Hot.  When this is applied to my balls, I become extremely uncomfortable.  I will reduce the punishment number by 20 if I can keep the icy hot on for at least 20 minutes.  If I want more than 20 taken off, I must have the icy hot reapplied.

Queen M is becoming much stricter and the punishment more unpleasant as a result.  Still, I do feel closer to her after the punishment is completed.  She doesn’t understand it, but she will enforce her rules.  And I will pay the price.



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