The Weekend

Boring title but the weekend was anything but.  My punishment number was over two hundred on Saturday and Queen M suggested we had to do something about it.  She told me to apply some icy hot and put on the zapper.  Then we went for a 10 km walk (6 miles).  Thankfully the icy hot stopped being a problem in good time, but I received a good number of zapps.

I have discovered that the zapper has a whole different feeling when the electrodes are resting over my testicles.  The strap will slowly loosen over time and on Saturday I realized it was a little lower and thus over my testicles.  The sensation is really weird when stimulated.  I think I like it a lot less. But when out for a walk, you just suck it up and deal with it.  My number went up and down that day ending eventually at 122.  Not a clean slate, but better than it had been at the start.

Sunday I awoke horny! Now that’s surprising as I’ve only gone 2 months without an orgasm.  I also almost always awaken horny, but after this length of time I seem to be even hornier in the mornings.  Normally on Sunday I’m uncaged, but I was so horny on Saturday night, that my Queen had me recage before sleep.  I was bothering her a bit with my erection.  She made me take a cold shower and then applied Icy Hot to help me soften enough to get the cage back on.  Afterwards, despite my longing and desire, I was unable to reach an erection.  That jailbird is effective!  So Sunday morning I filled the cage to bulging, but no erection.

My Queen had me do a number of chores in the morning and then we went for another walk where I once again was zapped  numerous times.  If only I could keep from breaking the rules I might have gotten the number down to 0… but no such luck.  After lunch, Queen M asked me to go up to the bedroom and get naked.  I was to pull out our toys and then wait for her.

She came into our room looked around and grabbed the blindfold.  Shortly thereafter I was reduced to 4 senses as I couldn’t see a thing.  She placed my cuffs on me and had me lie on the bed.  I could feel her tying my arms in a spread-eagled position.  Then she put cuffs on my ankles and repeated the action.  I was unable to move.  She turned on the TV and I could only hear movement around the room after that.  Finally after likely 15 minutes (though it felt much longer) I felt her sit on the bed next to me.  She leaned over my right thigh and I felt her blowing on Angus.  Angus started to thicken even though an erection wasn’t possible and then I felt a warm wet rag washing Angus and my cage.   After a minute or so, she shifted and left the room.  Moments later she was back.  “I’m feeling like playing with my cock,” she said.  I felt her grabbing her property and fondling it.  She took Angus and his cage into her mouth.  Her tongue slid between the bars and teased her penis.  I was definitely aroused.  And then she stopped.  I felt her get off the bed and heard the door to the bedroom close.  After another short time, the door opened and she came back in.  I felt her playing with the cage and realized she was unlocking Angus.  She slid the cage off, and Angus stood tall and proud.  She then rotated the ring so the protrusion was behind me.  “I’m going to shower and when I come back I want Angus ready to roll.”  With that she gave her penis a few tantalizing strokes and then left the room again.  I was left on the bed erect and immobile while she cleaned up in the shower.

What happened on her return was delicious.  I fill the cage when I think of it.  She proceeded to edge me numerous times.  She used her mouth and hands and brought me to the edge of orgasm many times.  To be frank I can’t remember how many times.  A few times I thought she had gone too far, but I was able to avoid cumming each time.  In between edges she would lie beside me and watch television or sit on my face and allow me to lick her.  Finally, she decided to ride her penis.  Thankfully she only rode me for a few thrusts at a time as I was sooo close to orgasm.  Each time she climbed off, she would lie down beside me running her hands over me and resuming watching her show.  Finally she asked me where I keep the delay cream and she applied it to Angus.  Then she put on one of my extenders.  Commanding me not to cum, she re-impaled herself on Angus and rode him hard.  She had several orgasms this way–when you add the orgasms I gave her with my mouth, she had more than 10 orgasms to my none.  But I had sooo much fun!  I was very horny when she decided she was satiated.  However I was good and recaged when I was able to.  I used ice to help me soften–it only took about 45 minutes to soften

I want more days like that.

By the way, my punishment number is currently 182 and my days since orgasm are now 67.


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