New records and maybe an Orgasm!

I woke today particularly horny.  Queen M had taken the cage off last night and I was hoping to have some fun on awaking. Alas no such luck.  There will be play later but not this morning. I made the mistake of touching her pussy unasked–this is considered groping–so I earned an additional 20 to my punishment number. These will be delivered prior to our walk with the wooden spoon!  I will also have to wear the zapper on our walk as my total number is 202. But I know we’ll have fun later so it’s all good. 

Today is my 71st day since orgasm. Another record but inside that record is my second consecutive calendar month in a row without orgasm.  Kind of crazy but I am enjoying the ride. Overall I am in a state of sexual tension. The level of horniness varies but the sexual tension is constant.  I find my horniness is dependent upon my Queen’s teasing of me.  The more she teases the hornier I am. If she doesn’t tease, or teases infrequently then I am more relaxed.  Life has intruded this week and there has only been a wee bit of teasing so my horny level this week has been lower.  BUT not at the moment!  

Last night she made several comments alluding to the length of time since my last orgasm. I think she is getting close to letting me cum. Maybe even today.  I wonder if it will be an awesome orgasm or disappointing. I’ll let you know–if it happens.  Of course today is a fresh day and she might have a totally different feeling/mindset about my orgasm. As my Queen, she can change her mind whenever she likes.  I’ve just been zapped–have to run!

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