Record set! Orgasm!!

Well, I was finally allowed to cum!  72 days between orgasms.  Records set:  72 days between orgasms and two consecutive calendar months without orgasm.  The 72 days is the more impressive of the two, but I’ll take what I can get. lol

Sunday morning I awoke and Angus was ready for action.  Queen M allowed me to enter her several times and pump but I really couldn’t pump more than 8 times before I had to withdraw.  This amused my Queen and she allowed it over and over again.  After a little while, she stopped it and promised more later.  She asked me to put the zapper on and told me we would get around on our day!  My punishment number had been 182 when I awoke, but I quickly was foolish and the number rose to 262.

At any rate we went out for a walk before I came back and started working on some home improvement projects.  It started to rain and I was forced to come inside and start work on an inside job.  Around 3:30, Queen M decided we were done for the day and that we should shower.  Once clean, she had us both in bed and asked me to read to her.  I am reading a book on erotica to her, so I started.  It’s like foreplay in many ways, and it always makes her moist.  She decided she wanted to tease me with her mouth and did so several times–it was very pleasurable.  Finally she decided to ride me.  I asked if I could use the delay cream and then put on the extender over Angus.  Then I started to fuck my Queen.  Over the next hour I fucked her and paused to lick her and she experienced many orgasms.  I also used our friendly vibrator on her, sometimes when Angus was deep in her pussy.  My wife is a squirter which is delightful, and I will often try and drink all her fluid.  Sunday though she had one massive orgasm that produced a huge amount of fluid.  Though I did my best, I couldn’t catch all of it and the bed became soaked.  It was awesome.  We tried many positions including cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.  What a fabulous view!!  Finally I was fucking her doggy style and she told me she wanted me to cum on her ass and then lick it off.  I couldn’t believe my ears so I asked to make sure that was what she wanted.  She repeated her demand and I stopped for a moment and took off the extender.  I then proceeded to try to cum.  It’s a whole different mindset to cum.  I kept waiting for her to change her mind, but that didn’t happen.  Finally I came on her ass and then put Angus back into her pussy to keep fucking her.  The feelings were amazing.  I was loving it!  The orgasm seemed to go on for quite a while.  I finally stopped and withdrew her penis before leaning forward and cleaning her ass with my tongue.  The orgasm was fantastic.  Awesome! Incredible!


So now I’m back at day 2… How long will she make me wait this time?  Again I have no idea.

On another topic, I have learned something about the zapper.  It feels totally different when the electrodes have slid down the scrotum and rest on the testicles.  A way different feeling–that is less pleasant I think.  Regardless, it is an interesting way to be punished and likely my Queen’s favourite method.  She does seem to be enjoying this and the icy hot method more and more.  I still get spankings, but not as frequently.  Honestly, I don’t know which one I dislike most. I would welcome others opinions on this topic.


  1. They are the rules that address rote behaviours. For instance she caught me chewing gum with my mouth open yesterday. Against the rules but it happens when I stop thinking about it.


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