What Does my Wife get out of this Chastity Lifestyle?

I know many men would like to live in chastity with a wife leading their lives.  In my case I am in a position of authority over a great deal of people (deliberately vague) in my daily work.  It is nice to come home and not worry about some of the more mundane things. I am loving this lifestyle, but what about my wife?

I get incredible sex and a constant desire to have more–the perpetual sexual tension.  I have lost the ability to have unapproved erections and the ability to masturbate on my own.  I no longer have a say in when or how we have sex.  I no longer have the right to orgasm whenever I want.  So what about my wife?

Today on our walk, this topic came up.  My wife is liking this lifestyle for the following reasons:  She likes the fact that she is in control and no longer has to feel guilt in denying me sex.  In our former life, she would feel guilt whenever I wanted sex and she didn’t.  Turning me down seemed the wrong thing to do, but there were many times that she wasn’t in the mood and I was.  So she was in a position of giving in, or turning me down.  Turning me down led to feelings of guilt.  Giving in led to feelings of resentment.  Neither feeling is a good thing for a marriage.  Couples break up when these negative feelings build up and finally reach the bursting point.  Now that she’s in charge, those feelings are never there.  We are closer to each other and our communication is much better too.  This helps us to face life together and to deal with problems together as well.

She also likes the passion and power with which we have sex.  I am like “a teenager” again as I thrust into her with power and speed.  She is enjoying sex more than ever and we have always had a volcanic sex life.  Chastity though has increased our passion for each other.  Sometimes I quiver with desire for her–and everyone loves to be strongly desired by their mate.  So Queen M is enjoying the sex even more now than before.   I always enjoy myself.  Not cumming though really impacts my level of desire.  I just want to make her cum so much more now.  This has always been a goal of mine, but since the cage, that feeling is even more pronounced in me.

So it appears that we both are getting a great deal out of this lifestyle.  Perhaps we will continue beyond the end of the contract (Jan. 31 2017).  At this moment I really hope so!

Have a great weekend everyone!


    • Hi Carly,
      We actually have a lot of intercourse–just not necessarily when I want it…lol But the hyped of excitement and left over frustration makes living every minute pretty sexual. My levels of excitement are through the roof. If we have sex and there is no penetration, I am still enjoying myself as I get to pleasure my Queen. Giving her orgasms is sooo much fun! And so very exciting!

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    • I sometimes am very disappointed that we are stopping. And it may take a while for Angus to “relax”, but I am even hornier afterwards. Doesn’t take much to get me going. I admit to begging a couple of times but it’s really (cough cough) in jest. I live to have sex though. I so want to give her orgasms.

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  1. There’s a domme in you Carly. Yes begging or asking any question gets me 40. I have to ask permission to ask a question. If granted I may ask/beg with impunity–once. Permission is not always granted!


  2. I have started to see that my wife is enjoying sex more and things are more passionate… not that they weren’t before. Now it’s just elevated with her in control.

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