Punishment meted out!

Thanksgiving was a lovely time as we headed North to visit with friends at their cottage.  Therefore there was no hanky panky, but I was still having to obey the rules.  And consequently by the end of the weekend I had violated enough rules to raise my punishment number to over 400–440 to be precise.  Ouch that is a huge number!  So the other night, Queen M decided to do something about it.  We were going for a walk so she applied icy hot to my balls and Angus as well as my nipples and then had me put on the zapper.  You have to be male to understand the discomfort icy hot can cause on delicate skin.lol  Angus did enjoy the application process and engorged with blood, but no full erection was reached before things were stopped and we headed out on our walk.  While on our walk I received numerous zapps.  On returning home, she told me to strip and do laps in our pool.  10 laps would lower my number by 40.  She told me to do 20 laps.  Our pool was a shockingly warm 54 degrees Fahrenheit (sarcasm).  I was worried about shrinkage, but surprisingly, there was none.  I only did the first 10 laps.  So after thinking about it, it is possible that I may have earned more punishment for not obeying fully.  But as God is my witness, I hate cold water.  So by the end of the evening I had lowered my number to 200.  This weekend I’ll get paddled and maybe be forced to swim again.  I do know that she plans to get to zero–and I’d like to stay there.

I’ve bought a new toy!  A womanizer pro vibrator.  This is designed for women and says that it guarantees orgasm for women–often multiple orgasms.  We haven’t tried it yet, but will this weekend.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  Full product review is promised.  Keep in mind that I have no contact with the company that makes it and I will be totally honest based on our experiences with the thing.  I also purchased the item with my own hard earned cash.


  1. When I stop and think of the average marriage and the different ways women express their dissatisfaction, I realize that Handing out actual punishments is time consuming! But I love that it takes those million little cuts in the days and makes them visible, noted,given value and restitution offered. No more head games or silent treatments, or guessing. Just attention to the details.

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    • Hmmm. There’s a blog post from August 31, 2017 about the zapper and considerations in its use. And another one where I introduce it on August 1, 2016. It is a Pet Safe little dog trainer. Whatever you get, you need to be able to make the collar small enough to go snuggly around your scrotum and penis.


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