Sitting down to pee

You know you have been changed when:  you sit down to pee!  The other day I was uncaged–I often am for some of any weekend my Queen and I have without kids. She likes the easy access. I went into the washroom to pee and promptly sat down on the toilet. The door wasn’t completely closed and my wife walked by. She started to laugh. Perplexed I asked why?? She smiled and said, “Why were you sitting down?”  To be honest I hadn’t thought about it.  I’m so used to sitting to pee because of the cage. Using a urinal while caged can be a messy business. To prevent an accident I just sit to pee. I believe I know the frustration women feel about the inadequate numbers of stalls in washrooms. There are even fewer stalls in men’s washrooms. At any rate I am so used to sitting that I still am doing it even when uncaged.  My Queen loves that. It’s an indication of my loss of penis ownership.  It’s hers and she is changing me slowly.  

From another perspective I had a great weekend. I reduced my punishment number to zero. This was done with shocks, the application of Icy Hot to Angus, his balls and my anal crack, a swim in my cold pool and some paddling. I didn’t enjoy the process but am pleased to be done with the huge number hanging over my head.  We had some Volcanic sex this weekend. My Queen had 17 orgasms while I had none.  Still I enjoyed myself immensely and my horniness level has risen as a result of the activity. I am again 15 days since orgasm and from comments she made, I believe it unlikely that I will be allowed another orgasm this month.  We tried the new toy and it has potential. I may wait a bit before reviewing it though.  


    1. People, especially guys, can get so weird about that sitting down thing. Personally, I tend to sit down if I’m going in the middle of the night or first thing after I get up because I’m not totally awake. The alternative is to just stand in the bathtub 🙂

      That said, one of my qualifications for a device is that I need to be able to use a urinal, so I’ve modified all of my devices to be as “standing friendly” as possible.

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      • I have been sitting down in the night for years. I don’t miss and I don’t have to turn on the light. Allows me to get back to sleep more easily. I can stand to pee with my Jail bird cage but I need to ensure Angus is lined up properly. That’s not easy to do in a public bathroom. Easier to just sit.


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