Underwear–or what helps when wearing a cage??

I’ve now spent 8 months wearing a cage.  In that time frame, I’ve learned a few things.  First I’ve discovered that I don’t like going commando when caged.  The Jail Bird is a little bit heavy and I find I need some support.  I also don’t like wearing panties–not that I ever did that often, but occasionally my Queen would ask me to wear a pair of women’s panties to humiliate me.  With a cage, that really became unpractical so no women’s underwear anymore.

However men’s underwear is different too.  Some types work really well while others are a nightmare.  Cost doesn’t seem to be a factor in this.  I’ve found some of the more expensive briefs are unpleasant while some of the cheaper briefs are very comfortable.img_10121

For instance all the brands above cause me difficulty when caged but are quite comfortable when I’m wild (to borrow a phrase of Caged Lion’s).  The Calvin Klein briefs are really nice and well made, but I find them too tight and that causes me issues when I’m caged.  I need my briefs to be supportive but to allow a little bit of movement too.  The brands above allow either no movement or way too much movement and absolutely no support.

Better briefs are in this next shot.


These briefs cover a range of prices from the Joe Fresh briefs sold in Canada’s Superstore to the Levi’s and Joe Boxer’s.  I can wear these caged and they aren’t too bad, but I still have a preference.

The briefs that I’ve found best are in this last photo. Sorry about the upsidedown nature,


but WordPress doesn’t let me do any editing…   At any rate I’ve found Diesel briefs and Champion briefs to be the best for me.  They give support but allow a little bit of movement.  This translates to increased comfort for me.  The Champion briefs were purchased at Target while they briefly existed in Canada.  I suppose if I want more, I’ll have to visit the States to get them.  However I will keep trying things up here to see if I can find anything better.

If you’re wearing a brief that you find comfortable, please let me know.  I’m always willing to try something new–as long as I don’t have to jump through hoops to get them.


  1. Hmm.

    I’ve goone commando in my CB3000 wearing jeans because it’s light enough. I don’t thinkn it would work with any of the metal devices, though.

    That said, I find that those ugly white BVD briefs (Fruit of the Loom, or whatever) actually give me the best support for the heavier devices. Boxer briefs are iffy – it depends upon the style; the snugger fit are okay, the looser fit, not so much.

    I’ve actually given some thought to wearing a jockstrap.


    • I can’t stand Fruit of the Loom underwear… but that’s just me. They are likely very serviceable briefs–I buy them for my son. My excuse for not buying them is not wanting to confuse underwear between us! lol My CB6000 is also lightweight. I’m not commenting on what I wear with it as I’ve only worn it a few short times. To be honest, I have difficulty getting that one on as the tube is so narrow. I also don’t like boxers, but I do like boxer briefs. As indicated, some are better when wearing a Jail Bird than others. A jockstrap might work as it has the built in pouch and would allow movement within that pouch but would still hold one’s “package”. I don’t mind going commando when wild and free, but not when caged.


  2. I’m not locked up very often, and frankly I’ve been craving it. When I am locked, I exclusively wear jockstraps. I have a CB-6000S; I find that jockstraps are supportive of the extra weight and make it easier for me to urinate (just slide the pouch over).

    Strangely – locked or not – I feel very sexy in jockstraps and men’s thongs. Jockstraps in general are almost a poor man’s chastity device, as they really suppress the erection due to their function of “holding things down/in. And I’ve enjoyed wearing a thong all day, with the fabric riding up between my cheeks, I just feel “naughty”. It’s fun with my wife and I knowing that I’m wearing something out of the norm.

    A role play scenario I’m very interested in is the athlete/reporter. Where I’m naked or wearing a jock and she “interviews” me; or vice versa. I do think female athletes (my wife played HS ball) are very sexy.

    I think I’ve now ready your entire blog – very nicely done! I enjoy learning and hearing about real life couples, especially ones with a dominant/submissive type of relationship. You really piqued my interested with the “womanizer”, and I seriously considered purchasing that for V-day. I guess it’s too late. I read a good many positive reviews, but your slightly negative review game me pause. In any event, we have a number of fun toys for her that we don’t really use enough to justify a ROI, so I guess I will think about it some more.

    Happy blogging!

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  3. Its interesting, I have to wear female lingerie the whole time and as a general rule I’m usually caged in a polycarbon CB3000 cage or a metal version of the CB6000s. I have to make sure that the panties that I buy are supportive enough in the front.

    This is particularly important if I’m in male attire for work, I certainly can’t go commando with male suit trousers.

    Here in the UK often the style and cut of the High Waist or full brief from stores such as Debenhams work but from experience (I’m uncut) lace fronted panties might look sexy to my Mistress but when part of my foreskin peeks out the end of the cage every move I make is like rubbing my foreskin on sand paper!

    great blog by the way

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    • Thanks. My wife has no interest in my wearing of lingerie. So I always wear briefs. I know about going commando though. Sometimes she asks that I do so. The steel JailBird is heavy and I really notice the weight when commando. I also understand the “sand paper” feel. Thanks again.


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