Orgasms orgasms

I’ve now been caged since June 6th.  This is the second time I’ve been caged–the first being last November to February.  Things are going much better this time round, but we’ve learned what works–at least for us!  My Queen is enjoying herself more and that can only be a good thing.  I have no problem sleeping in the cage and in fact slept the other night with both the cage and the zapper on–I was so tired that I didn’t notice I still had the zapper on when I went to bed.  lol  That would have been a very effective alarm I think!

At any rate I added up all the orgasms I’ve had since June 6th.  It was difficult–required higher level math, but I managed.  I’ve had a total of three!  That’s three in 155 days.  I would have had at least 155 prior to this caging.  Masturbation was my friend.  So I’m averaging 1 orgasm every 52 days or so…  Most men would be crazy or would be sure I’m crazy!  But I’m still enjoying a vibrant sex life.  We have sex often–if not as often as we’d like, but still certainly far more often than the average–if I believe the published stats.  The only thing is, I’m not allowed to orgasm unless given permission.  There are times that I really really would like permission, but my Queen will often just smile and say “no”.  She on the other hand has had 162 orgasms since June 6th or an average of 1.05 orgasms each day.  I have much enjoyed the process of helping her achieve those orgasms–that process gives me great pleasure and makes me wish for my own orgasms but that’s not part of the contract.  I cum when I’m allowed.  I haven’t had an accidental orgasm yet–though I have come very close.  I also haven’t had a ruined orgasm this time round.  Queen M gave me two or three ruined orgasms the first time round, but doesn’t seem inclined to do so at the moment.

So 162 orgasms.  I hope to significantly raise that number by New Year’s.  I’ve been able to help her achieve pleasure by using my mouth, her penis, her penis in extenders (helps to deaden sensation a bit), and the use of various toys and vibrators,   Giving her pleasure excites me and I actually get pleasure from that process myself.

Ultimately I think that’s what this lifestyle is all about.  We both get a great deal of pleasure out of it and in addition we seem to be far more communicative.  This is a bonus that wasn’t on my radar when I broached trying this lifestyle.  Improved communication!  This can only help any relationship as communication is the lifeblood of relationships.  While all the other benefits of a male in chastity are real, the improved communication is likely the biggest reason that we might just continue in this lifestyle indefinitely.  At the moment, our contract goes to the end of January 2018, but I’m hoping that we will extend it long past that finishing date.  As long as my Queen sees value in continuing, I think that will happen.  Her orgasms can only help that value increase.

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