“I’m sooo satisfied”. Words I love to hear!

No children on the weekend usually means some wild extended sex.  Noises don’t matter. Location doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is giving pleasure. Saturday was such a day. Queen M was horny so we started to play.  I was uncaged and also horny–but that would be expected after over 40 days since my last orgasm. At any rate, she called me to come to her. I went upstairs to find her naked fresh from a shower reclining on our bed. “Strip” she said.  Before you could blink I was naked beside her. Angus was erect and hoping for some action. I started to caress her trying to tease her with my mouth and hands.  She stopped me and had me sit on the end of the bed.  “Close your eyes”. I complied and heard her rummaging around in her dresser. Suddenly I felt her hands on Angus as she said that I could now open my eyes.  She had put on a lacy bra and thong set and was looking very hot!  Kneeling before me she started to play with Angus. She licked it like an ice cream cone before taking her penis into her mouth. It felt wonderful but I knew I didn’t have permission to cum. After a bit I was trying to get her to stop–which she did with a laugh and a warning–I wasn’t to even contemplate cumming.  For the next little while she teased me bringing me closer and closer to the edge before stopping and letting me recover a bit. Angus was as hard and erect as he can be.

At that point she changed gears and had me start to play with her. I was to tease her–a task that I love to do.  I caressed her body from head to toe, playing with her breasts and running my mouth over her panties. I tongued her through the material blowing on her as well.  I got the midnight wand vibrator out and started to use it in combination with my mouth. She had her first orgasm this way. I pulled the panties aside and proceeded to use my tongue some more. The vibrstor also was useful and she had another orgasm. She asked me to put on my extender so I paused to do so. She continued to play with the vibrator in my brief absence. Returning she asked me to penetrate her. I thrust into her vigorously as she likes to be pounded. Even with the deadening properties of the extender I started to get close so I pulled out and went down on her again.  Orgasm number three flooded my face and I drank.  I started to fuck her again. Then I used the vibrator while penetrating her. She came again.  The cycle continued several times. When she was finally so satiated that she had to stop, she told me, “I’m so satisfied!  I feel so good.   I’m completely satisfied!”

Damn that is good to hear. She had 11 orgasms. I was super horny and still very erect, but it was time for me to stop.

But as a husband or a submissive there isn’t much that is nicer to hear.


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