I’m Living the Dream (Favourite Toys)

Sex is a wonderful activity, but when you’re in chastity and not supposed to orgasm, the use of toys is sometimes a great help.  Over the next month or so, I am going to review some of the toys we have tried and like or don’t like.  I should point out that we are not getting any payment or inducements to do this.  I should also point out that the reviews will not always be positive.  They will however always be honest.

The first such toy is the Fat Boy Thin Extender.  There is also the Fat Boy Extender pictured below, but we haven’t tried that yet.fat-boy-packaged

The Fat Boy Thin is a wonderful extender that comes in two sizes.  It also comes in two colours.  Pictured below is the white version, but it also comes in jet black.  For whatever


reason, my Queen prefers the black one pictured below.  We do have both a white one and the black one, but I use the black one far more often.  These products are soft and very comfortable to wear.  I have orgasmed while wearing them, but that was a long time ago before I was in this chastity lifestyle.  Now as I’m forbidden to cum unless given


permission I use this extender with a delay cream to take some of the sensation away so that I can go for a very long time.  My Queen does like penetration and likes me to be rough when I’m in her.  To go fast and hard after an extended period of time without orgasm–well that’s very tough.  The delay cream along with the extender allows me to do so.  I still get stimulated but not enough to cause orgasm–as long as I’m smart.  Sometimes I do have to pull out, but then I use my mouth or the vibrator.  The delay


cream I use is by Zero Tolerance.  The deadening ingredient is Benzocaine–I’m not sure of the strength.  It says to use 3 sprays and not to exceed 10.  As I’m really not interested in orgasming most of the time, I don’t worry about limits.  I apply it until I think I’ve done the job.  The bottle suggests it is safe for toys, condoms and won’t transfer to your partner once it has been absorbed and dried. It is a vegan product and contains no mineral oil.

So when I’m uncaged and we have started to play my Queen will tell me to get the extender.  Before this she may have teased me orally or even allowed me to penetrate her.  But now she is ready for some heavy pumping.  I will apply the “Fuck Forever” and hopefully allow it to absorb and mostly dry.  Then I put on one of the extenders and return to my Queen.  I should be good for an hour or more now and I do my best to give my Queen as much or more pleasure than she can take.  After my Queen has had many orgasms, and she is sated and tired, she will usually have me remove the extender again.  At this point she will tease me again and again until finally she decides that we are done!  I’m left erect and horny until next time she wishes to use me.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I’m living the dream!


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