Punishment Number

So my punishment number has reached an astounding and intimidating 800!  That can be deliver in a multitude of ways though the common ways are with the zapper–1 zap removes one from the number, spanks–1 spank removes on from the number, application of Icy Hot to her penis, balls, and ass–she applies it very liberally and I lose 20 from the number if I keep it on for 20 minutes!  Sometimes all three punishments are applied almost simultaneously.  I’ve never had more than 160 spanks at a time–usually much less. The one time I had 160 spanks, I had marks for over two weeks. It wasn’t fun. The Icy Hot is uncomfortable for sure. I find it tough to be motionless–it causes me to “twirk”. I just have to move with that stuff on.  It does amuse my wife though. The zapps are also unpleasant. My wife and Queen is amused by my reactions to being zapped. She has given me 200 zapps in a very short time frame–usually 20 at a time with only a minute or less of rest before the next 20. She also likes to zapp me at the maximum or close to the maximum. Because of the presence of children in our home, I will likely not be punished till the first weekend in January. God knows how high my punishment number will be by then. And yet I yearn to be punished as one of our rules is I cannot be allowed an orgasm if I have outstanding punishments due me.  Tis a vicious circle, but one largely of my own doing. lol. I just have to grin and bear it. I admit that the idea of being held to account and being punished is exciting to me. I also admit that the punishment is never what I fantasized.  But life goes on. 


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