An Expensive Toy… The Jury is Still Out

So last summer I was in out local sex shop and two women were talking about a toy.  The one was raving about it and convincing her friend to purchase it.  I noticed, but went about my business.  A few weeks later I was in the store again and there was a small group (4-5)of women and they were also raving about this toy.  I was intrigued and asked the store attendant what it was etc.  She informed me that it was the Womanizer Pro II–and that it was one of the greatest toys ever designed for women.  I thought that it would be a great toy to buy for my Queen, but when I found out the cost, I quickly rethought that premise and left the store.  However, the idea of this toy stayed with me.

I eventually went back, bought the bullet and purchased it.  The cost up here in Canada was over $300 including taxes.  So I presented this toy to my Queen at the soonest opportune moment.  But it just didn’t live up to expectations.  Now we have played with this toy several times now.  It has showed promise, but she has only experienced one orgasm while using it.  She has had to be the one holding it and has to be very particular with how she’s using it.  I have been unable to hold it in the “right” position to cause anything to happen to her.  It does come with two different heads and we found early on that the second head worked better for her.

The toy seems to work by creating a vibrating suction on her clit.  We haven’t given up on this, but the Midnight Want II is so much better at bringing her to orgasm.  Time will tell!


  1. I’ve heard other authors I on Facebook talk about this so it’s nice to hear the verdict on your end. I’ve definitely considered it and now need to check out the other one you just mentioned LOL

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    • We have decided that this is a good toy. Just took some time to learn how to use it effectively. Mentioned that in s later post. Sadly though our Midnight II MagicWand died tonight. Battery won’t charge any more. So hat one will definitely be replaced very soon.

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