Surgical Correction or Breast Augmentation

I’m sitting here waiting to hear how my wife’s surgery went today.  She is extremely fit, but has these painful cysts in her breasts.  At least one is the size of a golf ball (or even a little bigger).  The good news if that cancer has been ruled out–and yet I still worry.  Once they are removed, I needn’t fear hurting her if I touch her breasts–and this is a good thing.  At the same time that they are removing the cysts, they are going to give her implants.  This procedure has nothing to do with me.  But my wife has always felt inadequate in the breast department.  Her sisters have huge breasts and her lack of size has always been a teasing point.  My positive input about her figure hasn’t undone the years of teasing she endured–our own youngest daughter teases her mercilessly too.  So we are taking this opportunity to rectify the situation.  My wife will increase her size from A cups to a large B or small C cup size.  She will also have a tummy tuck to tighten skin made lose by the bearing of children.  The surgeon doing the procedure is highly respected.  He was recommended by some of our friends who had also had work done by him–and they love him.  After meeting him for our first consultation, we had a good feeling about his abilities and his integrity.  We trust him.

So here I sit, caged and nervously awaiting news of the surgical success.  I know she’ll be in serious pain for the next little while.  She will also not be very horny.  My goal is to help her recuperate and ease her stress as much as possible.  My being caged is just the way it is.  I’ll likely not be teased for some time, but as long as she heals fully and well and as long as she is happy with the procedure, then I’m good!  Strangely I worry about whether she’ll like the new “Queen”.  It’s a lot of money and I am so hoping that she likes the results and that nothing goes wrong.

I realize that this is a blog about my male chastity experience and that this post hasn’t really said anything to do with that, but this surgical situation is a big part of my life.  For my wife and me, caging me and the whole idea of male chastity is about improving our relationship with more intimacy and greater communication; so ultimately  wearing the cage is about our relationship!  And therefore anything that affects my wife also affects me and my chastity experience.  Have a great day!


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