Healing can Be a Pain

We are now 5 days post surgery. My wife is doing better but still facing some serious pain. If she moves in the wrong way, the pain is severe. I am left feeling impotent (no pun intended–being caged does not make me impotent–it just makes erections impossible lol) and unable to help. It’s similar to when my children were sick or in pain and after providing all the love, care, and medication I could, the only thing left was allowing them the time to heal. 

I’m certain she will be happy when everything is finally healed and all pain and swelling is gone. But getting there is not fun. Last night she was very uncomfortable and wanted a heating pad on both her back and her tummy. We only had one pad. So I went to the drug store arriving just before they closed (11:50pm) so that I could purchase another pad. That made a difference but only a little bit. 

Our chastity and her control still continues though I haven’t been teased at all.  Nor have any transgressions of our rules been noted.  I also haven’t been punished for a while. Honestly I don’t expect any “action” at this time. I’m just hoping she heals perfectly and as fast as possible.  Till then I will remain caged and optimistic about the future!  When the pain meds are working at their optimum my Queen talks of the punishment I will receive when next she is healthy enough to give it and when next we are alone. This is because my punishment number has risen again to an ungodly 660. It was 800 on our last weekend alone and I was punished to the tune of 400, but in the week that followed managed to irritate her enough to get the number back up to 660. The punishment I received involved paddles, icy hot, and zapps by the zapper. I am glad that I didn’t receive all 800 on the same weekend, but feel it’s likely the next time we’ll lower it to zero. I may not sit for a week. lol 

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