What Does Chastity Mean? At least to Us…

I’ve been reflecting recently on several things… Chastity being one of them.  What did I do by signing our contract?  I gave total control of my sex life to my wife.  She’s currently out getting her hair done–hoping the pampering will help her feel a little bit better as she continues to rehab from her two bouts of surgery (she had to go back under the knife this week to deal with some complications from the first surgery!).  In the “old days”, I would likely have masturbated while she was gone.  However that is no longer an option.  In our new relationship, I would be breaking all the rules and her disappointment would be palpable.  My punishment would also follow.  Now though, I want to obey the rules.  I want to please her in all regards.  Prior to chastity, she didn’t seem to care if I masturbated.  Strangely though, that has changed.  She now regards it as cheating and it hurts her.  I don’t want to hurt my Queen.

So she has control!  I am not allowed to ask any questions about sex unless I have permission.  So I ask permission and often she says “no”. That’s it then; I don’t ask the question.  Sometimes she says yes and I’m able to ask my question.  That is totally up to her!  I am caged at all times unless she decides otherwise.  So erections are within her control too.  She allows me out of my cage to work-out, but I’m to re-cage before leaving the gym.  She is almost always at the gym when I finish and leave for work and has been known to “check” my state before I leave.

I’ve also pledged to obey her in all other matters too!  To be honest, she only demands this of me occasionally.  But if she decides I’m not doing my duty, she just lets me know and also assigns a punishment to me for my error.  Immediately I stop what I was doing and follow her direction.

Sex has always been volcanic between us!  It is even better now.  I am often dripping with sweat as I pound away at her–to do this I will use aids at times (described in earlier posts).  She enjoys the pounding and I enjoy it too.  I also very much enjoy going down on her–it’s one of my favorite things.  Our orgasm count is skewed in her favor to a great degree, but that’s as it should be.  So all told, I’m enjoying myself, but I’m so hopeful that she is having even more fun.


A couple of other things I’m thought about.  With the death of Leonard Cohen a short time ago, I noticed a CD I purchased in the 90’s.  It featured many sucessful artists doing the songs of Cohen–and I’d never really played it often.  I pulled it out and listened to it again and it was AWFUL.  Called the “Tower of Song”, I would recommend avoiding it at all costs. Some of the artists are Bono, Sting, Elton John, Don Henley and Peter Gabriel.  It’s really amazing how good artists can ruin good songs!

I also wanted to highlight another couple of blogs I’ve started to follow in the past few months, but I’m running out of time.  Here’s one and I’ll have to do the others later.  This is a blog about a woman who sought to improve herself and approached her husband about domestic discipline and submissiveness as a methodology to achieving her goals.  It is not about chastity, but it is worth a read.   I’ll have to get to the others at my next post!



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