A Person’s Self Worth

In these days where it appears as if the nature of being an American is changing at a drastic pace; where a blogger I follow is convinced she is broken and unlovable, I  wanted to ramble a bit.  This post does not involve my wife’s penis being caged.  If that’s why you follow me, skip this post and wait till the next.

First, I’m not an American–I’ve been to the States far too many times to count and indeed have been to at least 17-18 states.  In my visits to the States, I’ve met many truly nice people who were kind, generous, and open-minded.  This change in government is changing the perception the world has of America.  I recognize a lot of the change is because of fear, and that all those nice people I have met  are still nice, kind, generous, and open.  And yet the change reflects an “elephant in the room”.  Are these nice people secretly hating those from other backgrounds and religions?  It is a disquieting thought.

I’m not a muslim either.  Again I know many muslims–in my line of work I come into contact with muslims on a daily basis.  I don’t want to paint them all with the same brush, but most that I come into contact with are hard-working people who again are nice and generous.  I might argue that those people who are doing the terrorist acts are not actually muslim as they don’t seem to follow the Quran.   They do frighten my muslim friends and don’t represent their views at all.

My blogger friend is looking for love!  She’s looking for the kind of love that people dream of all their lives.  The kind of love that causes others to look enviously at couples who have it!  Because she hasn’t found it yet, she feels broken and lacking any reason for someone to love her.

So how do I link these three paragraphs?  What do they have to do with my title?  Just this; what a person is worth is totally based on who and what they are.  There have been hideous people from all religions and hideous people who had no religion.  There have been Saint-like people from all religions and races too!  It is how we act and react that determines who we are and how society determines our worth.  We value honesty, responsibility, generosity, kindness, strength, and loyalty–this list is nowhere near complete.  And yet as people, we all have our inconsistencies and our weaknesses.  My blogger friend has many of these qualitites, but doesn’t see them in herself.  She amplifies her weaknesses and forgets her strengths.  The government of the States is not even looking at individuals.  It is looking at a very small sampling of people and ascribing their personalities and actions to a much larger group of people.  This biased stereotyping is beyond wrong.  We all have worth–the secret is to see it in ourselves!

I pray that our society will grow and foster tolerance in all of us.  I pray that my blogger friend will realize her self worth is not tied to a sexual partner–but is present at all times–regardless of her sexual life.  I pray that all muslims and non-American races will not start to hate and fear in response to the way they are being treated by the U. S. Government.

I’m sorry for these rambling thoughts–they are not really well organized and as I’m no longer a student, I’m not going to do rewrites and editing to perfect this post.  Please understand my heart is bursting at the injustice I see systematically and also individually in many cases.  I do long for that Utopian society of universal acceptance that we’ve seen in movies and television shows.  Is that too much to ask for?


  1. It’s scary times. I fear that in the U.S. we will resort to the past. Have we not learned from it? For the first time in my life, I fear being a black women. If Muslims are being treated like this to this extent…whose to say what is next for other minority’s? For others who have a different religion, or do not fit societies view that to be accepted you must be a white, straight, able bodied man? I fear for my fellow LGBT friends. I fear for those who have disabilities. I fear for women’s reproductive rights. I hope and pray that we can all stick together and unite in love when darkness threatens to tears us down.

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  2. My husband and I are part of the majority and we are not happy with the fearmongering and intolerance that is currently happing here in the U.S. Ours is a country of immigrants trying to make a better life here. Diversity makes us (or should make us) a better country as a whole. I think anyone who wishes to come here legally should have the opportunity to do so. I agree – we all have worth, and we need to see it in each other as well as in ourselves. Lovely post, Michael.

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    • It will be a tough four years. Perhaps in his arrogance Mr. Trump will do something worthy of impeachment. I have heard experts pontificating on the real possibility of that happening. It seems unlikely to me, but I am not an expert. I have some very real friends that are American and they are salt of the earth types of people. I know they cringe when the Donald starts to speak.

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  3. This past year has been like watching a train wreck in progress. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I only know maybe one or two Trump supporters. He is not well liked here and no one thought he would ever get elected. I am proud to say he didn’t even come close to winning here in Washington but it is a much more liberal and accepting here than most places in the United States. I have heard comparisons of Trump to theNazi’s and while that is extreme, we seem to get closer to that kind of world daily…

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