Sex Resumes… or Whoopee!!

How much do I love my Queen?  To the moon and back–to quote a children’s story!  And yet that’s how I feel.  We haven’t had any sexual activity to speak of in 28 days–and for those of you counting, that means my last orgasm was at least 28 days ago!  (As I did orgasm on that day I am indeed at 28 days and counting)  My wife had some major surgery and actually had to go back for a second procedure to deal with unexpected complications from the first surgery. Consequently, she has been mostly immobile, nauseous, and totally without interest in sex.  That was completely understandable and I tried to ease her discomfort at the same time as looking after the home, cooking, and working full time.  It’s been busy and physically draining, but she is starting to “come back to life”!  This morning we awoke and starting necking.   Angus was trying to burst out of his cage when she said some magic words “I want you in me!  It’s been so long”.  I got up and using the emergency key, unlocked my trusty JailBird cage freeing Angus.  There was no way I was getting the ring off at that time, so I rotated it so that the peg was behind her scrotum and out of the way.   It makes a very serviceable cock ring that way.  Then returning, I started to caress her.  She suggested I read to her and I picked up the erotica we have been reading together and started to read.  The scene I read talked about a man putting his wife into a spreader bar (hands and ankles) and then fucking her hard to orgasm.  He then turned her over using the spreader bar and started to play with her ass.  Suddenly he impaled himself on her asshole and while fingering her pussy, he pumped inside her until both came.  My Queen whispered in my ear that she wanted to do that to me–Angus was very hard and I knew that one day soon this would be me.  After all we have the spreader bar and the cuffs–and all the other necessary tools! lol

But today wasn’t that day!  I closed the book and moved over her.  She pulled her panties aside and I started to enter her.  I gently nuzzled at her new breasts.  They were very sensititve and I had to be careful.  She felt so good that I was beyond excited and was worried about orgasming.  I didn’t have permission and she wanted a good fuck.  So with permission, I applied some delay spray and then added her favourite extender.  With that assistance, I was able to enter her and fuck her vigorously and hard!  She orgasmed on my cock and I pulled out so I could grab the midnight wand!  Then reentering her, I used the wand and her penis to give her a second orgasm.  I was now in the zone!  I could have gone a long time without worry of orgasm even without the extender, but my Queen decided we were done for the time being.  No orgasm for me, but that is as it should be!  However as we have no kids for this weekend, more fun has been promised!  I’m as happy as a pig in S#@$!~


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