The Pain of Healing–Ouch!

This past weekend was a wonderful weekend that my Queen and I had to ourselves.  Her healing has started to pick up and as a result it appears my punishment schedule is back in full force.  While my wife was recovering from her surgery, punishment was largely suspended.  I had reached a punishment number of 800 which stayed there unchanged for a couple of weeks.  She wasn’t in a state of mind that would worry about my rule infractions and she wasn’t physically well enough to punish me.  Several weeks in, she had a moment of strength and gave me several hundred zapps to lower the number some, but overall not much happened.  Then in the past week and a half, she seemed much better–we seemed to be over the hump and healing has begun to speed up.  She started to catch me in my rule breaking habits–habits that had gotten worse over the time of non-enforcement.  My number rose to it’s highest ever–920!  This weekend ended up being punishment weekend.  lol  My wife used the zapper, icy hot, and various spanking implements to lower that number to zero.   To apply Icy Hot, she first removes the cage.  This application of Icy Hot is a pleasure as the cream is a lubricant and she slathers it on Angus liberally.  It feels good and Angus always responds by becoming erect as she virtually masturbates the cream into Angus–and then she stops and leaves me.  The cream takes a moment or two and then slowly starts to burn.  Within a few minutes, there is no more sense of pleasure just this intense burning sensation. I personally find it difficult to stay still.  I like to be moving–it makes the burning easier to take.  Twenty minutes lowers my punishment number by 20.

The zapper fits around the base of my scrotum.  I might be caged or not–her discretion, but regardless, there is no warning when a shock is applied.  My wife loves the noises I make and the way I jump when she shocks me, and as the reactions are much better the stronger the shock, she tends to use the two or three highest settings on me.  When you get 300-400 shocks in a row, it is a meaningful moment in time.  Trust me when I say I wouldn’t want to be a dog with this collar around my neck.

Paddling or spanking happened four time this weekend.  Each time the number of smacks was in the neighbourhood of 50-60.  She used a large paddle for the first spanking–she would hit 10 times rapidly in a row before she paused for a moment and then went for another quick 10 in a row.  In  the past, she would hit and then rub a little before hitting again.  This allowed me to recover in between smacks.  However this rapid fire spanking is difficult to take.  There is no recovery between smacks and the rest between the sets of ten are less than she used to give between each smack.  My ass was on fire after the first spanking. Several hours later she did it again using the same paddle and the wooden spoon.  Different sensations but she used the same technique.  Not only was my ass on fire, but when I sat down, I was extremely tender.  The final two spankings used these implements again along with a heavy flogger and a horse whip.

So between spanking, zapping, and the Icy Hot, I lowered my number to zero.  I’m not sure how long that will stay, but it’s nice not to have that huge number hovering over my head.

Punishment does a strange thing, but I always feel closer to my wife after it’s over.  During it, I don’t like the feel or the pain but afterwards I feel more at peace and connected with my wife. Go figure!

Now this weekend was also great because of the sex!  But that’s likely the next post.


  1. I’m glad your punishment number is back to zero, but yeah, that sounds very ouchie 😳😫. I’ve heard from many who incorporate discipline into their relationship that they feel peaceful and very connected to their partner. I feel very loved and cherished after a punishment.

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    • It is a little weird to feel this way. I still have marks on my backside almost a week later and sitting was challenging after the second spanking and yet I feel so close to my wife. Btw, I’m back up to 80. I forgot to turn on the outside light yesterday and so my wife arrived home to a very dark home (40). When she brought it up I foolishly tried to discuss (argue) it and thus added another 40. I guess more bonding is in the future. lol

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      • I forgot to say that I’m glad to hear she is healing well and doing so well.

        I was spanked this morning for forgetting a personal task. I’m grateful he looks after me and counts me taking care of myself as important. It does sound like you are on your way to more bonding, more connecting, lol. Good luck!

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    • It’s a dog collar designed to teach dogs not to do certain behaviours. It has been shortened so that it fits snugly around her cock and balls. The lower levels aren’t too bad but the high levels do indeed have an effect. lol. Still I think it’s better than receiving 100’s of spanks. I might never sit down then.


  2. No safe word. Just trust. That’s what being in a relationship should be–trusting in each other above all else. No lies. No cheating. Just supporting and trusting each other. Of course I have agreed to a few things many men wouldn’t dream of. And there are consequences if I can’t follow her rules. Since she picks rules to eliminate habitual behaviours that annoy her it is difficult. But I am getting there–at least with some of the rules. lol


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