Fun Fun Fun

So a goal I had for this year was to ensure my Queen had an average of at least one orgasm each day.  The year started slowly as we went 4 weeks without any sex because of her surgery.  With her health much improved, we are again having sex (insert big smile here)!  I’ve just done a tally of her orgasms this year to date and she is sitting at an even 60.  With that in mind, I am revamping my goal.  I now want to give her at least 500 orgasms this year.  I have had one orgasm ( I did have a ruined orgasm on New Year’s Eve, but I am not counting it as occurring in this year as it was before bed), and that orgasm was 52 days ago.  My Queen has indicated I may not have another this year, but time will tell.  She does enjoy explosions, directing me to cum in various places and also telling me how to clean it up–I’m not sure she can go the rest of the year without indulging in that favourite past time.  Still if she can, then I will.  I am getting hornier and hornier!  I have so much fun when we have sex.  She teases me unmercifully but carefully–she doesn’t want to cause any accidents.  All I know is she has multiple orgasms and I get so very turned on that I don’t need to orgasm.  Of course at the time, I’m really hoping for one–and sometimes I’ll even beg.  However she has been resolute in her decision to keep that end game from me!

So we have had lots of sex lately.  I’ve been privileged to lick and suck her beautiful pussy.  I’ve been blessed to enter it with my cock and also with my cock wearing an extender.  The pictures above show my Queen masturbating and teasing me just before she allowed me to please her with my mouth. And then they show me entering her wearing her favourite extender.  It doesn’t get any better.  I love to fuck her and to use a vibrator on her while I’m fucking her.  She gushes and squirts like crazy having wild orgasms.  It is such a turn-on for me.  When she gets like that, I know that if I persist, more orgasms will follow.  That’s just the way she is.  To be honest, she is the first woman I’ve ever been with who squirts.  For whatever it’s worth, she says that she has never squirted with anyone else.  The first time it happened, I thought she had urinated, but turns out that wasn’t the case.  But these orgasms are intense and I wish I could have them like this over and over again.  Oh to be a woman for this luxury!

Oh and an addendum:  some time ago I wrote about the Womanizer Pro and said the jury was still out!  The jury has returned with a verdict–“Fabulous and worth every penny!”  It has taken us some time to learn how to use this toy properly and effectively.  But now that we have, it delivers orgasms beautifully.  I’ve fucked her while using it on her and she has masturbated with it.  The other day, she texted me at work saying she was horny.  A while later, she indicated she had been so horny that she had gone up to our bedroom (she works from home much of the time), stripped, and masturbated using the Womanizer Pro till she had two powerful orgasms.  I was so excited to hear this.  Angus was trying to bust out of his cage in response.  So we do indeed recommend this vibrating toy!



  1. Thanks for the update on the Womanizer. I may just buy one yet. The only thing is, we have spent a lot of money on sex toys, and some of them don’t get used. But my sense is that it is a totally different type of sensation than a typical vibrator. And frankly, finding new ways for my wife to come is a bit of a hobby for me 🙂

    Except, we have some tension in that she’s not an “up for anything” type of woman. I wish I knew how to make her “squirt”. That just seem very erotic and dominant to me.

    Lastly, I very much enjoy that my wife masturbates. It’s so funny how she hates that I do it but I think it’s very erotic that she does, although she doesn’t exactly admit it. She uses the shower head for a “long shower”, from time to time. I say take advantage of your ability to have multiple orgasms and not feel the “orgasm hanger” that I get after coming.

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