Cage Review and Salt and Pepper

So I’m in a Mature Metal Jail Bird chastity cage.  It is pretty secure and overall quite comfortable.  There are a lot of pros to having this cage.  It is made to fit me perfectly and I took a lot of time to make the measurements required and looked at several blogs to take into consideration things that I as a newbie wouldn’t necessarily know.  One of the blogs I visited was Caged Lion’s.  I have listed this blog previously as one I follow religiously.  I like the fact that I get Mrs. Lion’s perspective in addition to Caged Lion’s views.  Adds to the realism and the value I get from it.

At any rate, recently, Caged Lion did a really good review on a reasonably priced plastic cage.  I asked if I could share it here and was given permission.  I think the best way to share the post is simply to add the link.  Read it here: Caged Lion’s Review.

So I’m in my second contract period of being caged.  I am basically caged almost all the time.  I mentioned this before (I think), but in my first contract I was horny one day and went looking for the cage key.  I really wasn’t planning on using it, but thought that if I told my wife I had been looking for it, she would have a reason to punish me and we might get some play time out of it.  Whooooaaa did that go wrong!  My wife was surprisingly upset to a degree that I hadn’t expected.  I really thought she was just going through the motions to act as my keyholder because she loved me and that she didn’t really care about the male chastity thing.  She was very upset.  She took my searching for the key as a major breach of trust.  In hindsight, I should have thought this through, but I was playing and horny and not really thinking with my brain that sits on my shoulders–my other brain was in the driver’s seat.  She almost cancelled the contract that very night.  She even came to tears about it and I was upset myself as I hate to hurt or cause my Queen any problems.

Honestly that is a mistake I will never make again.  I have no idea where the keys are kept and I will not ever look for  them.  I do have access to an emergency key if needed, but there is no way for me to hide my access to it and I have to explain my use of it–should I ever do so.  Another thing that came out of that incident is the fact that my masturbation (which used to be looked upon as no big deal and something I was expected to do) was now regarded as cheating and not to happen without her express command.   For a male who masturbated often before being caged, that was a huge turnaround.  It also was a huge turn-on as it meant she was starting to live and believe in the caged male lifestyle–it wasn’t about me any longer.

Last week she sent me a text.  She told me that she wanted and needed Angus right now.  As Angus was caged and at my work, that wasn’t going to happen at that time.  She then sent me another text and I’ll type it exactly:  Couldn’t wait….just had 2 amazing orgasms.  Went upstairs and took off my clothes ….sat on edge of bed with legs up and door closed….used the womanizer and my finger…..ahhhh….feel sooooo relaxed now…     Damn, Angus was trying to get out of his cage in the worst way as he was so excited.  This is behaviour that my Queen does not indulge in.  For her to do this in the middle of the work day–to leave her job for the time required to do this… that was HUGE! And such a turnon!!  But it also goes to show that she is embracing this chastity lifestyle and her dominance.  She is free to masturbate whenever she likes.  On the other hand, any erections or orgasms by me are solely at her discretion.  It does turn me on.  Her telling me about it was a great tease.  I hope it starts to happen more often.

I am looking forward to a pleasant weekend with my Queen and only my Queen.  It is unlikely that I will be permitted to orgasm.  I’m currently at 61 days since my last orgasm.  She has suggested repeatedly that that one orgasm will be the only one I have this year–though at other times she suggests she wants to give me a ruined orgasm!  I’m not allowed to ask questions of her, so I’ll just live and follow her directions.  My punishment number is currently 240–I had it down to zero, but I keep doing the stupid rule break thing…  Oh well this weekend will likely be a little bit of fun and a little bit of pain… or Some Salt and Pepper!  But that’s the spice of life!


  1. My wife works from home several days a week. A few times a month she will pleasure herself with her favorite sex toy and leave it under my pillow for me to clean. It always excites me when she does this and she knows it is a huge tease as I want to be there to watch and help.

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