The Confluence of Time

So there are always rare opportunities where space, time, and opportunity meet.  This weekend is one of those times.  All household tasks are done!   All children are gone!! Mother Nature’s rags aren’t needed!!!  No one is sick!!! My Queen is horny (I always am horny–particularly since my last orgasm was 63 days ago)!!!!   So in Star Trek parlance the stars are aligned and the Space Time Continuum  is in our favour. Woohoo!!

So last night we watched a good movie starring Denzel and Russel Crowe. Went up to bed and my Queen was feeling frisky.  Was allowed to remove the cage and use her cock along with the midnight wand to give her two good orgasms. I got close but managed not to cum–remember that I need permission to cum!  Then when she was finished and ready for bed she played with Angus some more bringing me back to the edge several times.  At that point she told me to roll over and go to sleep.  Angus was really firm and erect, but his usefulness was over for the night. I went to sleep–eventually–and lo and behold when I awoke Angus was in the same state.  I expect he will get another longer workout after we get back from the gym. I’m also expecting to be allowed to lick and kiss my Queen’s delightful pussy–one of my favourite things to do!!  For the moment I am uncaged as my Queen wants easy access. Yup the stars are definitely aligned in my favour!  

PS. She has stated she intends to peg me this weekend and also to tie me down and tease me.  Just gets better and better!!


  1. I hear you ~ we’ve had a pair of overlapping illnesses, so we haven’t had a lot of time available to play. Funny, when I am sick I get SUPER horny, and my wife doesn’t want to be touched at all.

    It’s great when the stars align. My libido has not changed at all, I’m still horny all the time. Being empty nesters is a few years away, and I wonder how that will change our sex life. I certainly will be wearing clothes far less often!

    About being denied, I do like it when my wife is definitive as you describe above; she’ll say things like, “ok, time for bed now”. I especially like a little ritual where I “dress” her after she’s done with sex play. It’s very erotic to fetch her clothes, put them on her (funny, I struggle quite a bit finding which way her panties go) all the while sporting a hardon, then she turns on her back and still enjoys the feeling of my hardness against her backside.

    I wonder, though – did you have the proverbial 4 hour erection? LOL.

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    • All I can tell you is I went to sleep with an erection and woke up the same way. I’m guessing there was some ebb and flow during the night! lol I suppose a lengthy erection was possible


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