Murphy’s Law

So I thought the fates were in our favour last weekend, but maybe this one instead.  Last weekend my son was away from home and my Queen and I were looking forward to a wonderful weekend together.  But as Murphy says, “If it can go wrong it does!”  It started well enough.  On Friday evening, I was allowed to penetrate my Queen and I brought her to two orgasms.  It was difficult to hold back, but I managed to avoid orgasm myself.  I went to sleep very horny, but with no orgasm.

Saturday morning, Mother Nature unexpectedly came by.  This is what the onset of menopause does–periods become irregular.   My Queen doesn’t like to have sex when she is so disposed, so a lot of the weekend plans changed dramatically.  On top of that, she came down with some sort of flu that made her nauseous and head-achy.  Damn that Murphy!!

Sunday she was feeling much better, but still not wanting penetration, we did a lot of cuddling and watching movies together.  She decided to play with Angus and brought him to the brink numerous times.  However no orgasms were had, so it may be that I go the year without orgasm.  My Queen is showing real stick-to-it-ive-ness with respect to teasing me but not letting me cum.  But I guess that is what a good keyholder does!

On the plus side, my son will be away this weekend coming again!  Mother Nature has gone away. So we’re hoping to have the weekend we wanted to have this coming weekend!  I am looking so forward to going down of her and giving her multiple orgasms.

We did have a couple of nice sessions on Monday and Tuesday nights.  She thought her period was done on Monday so she allowed me to penetrate her and to go down on her.  However I seemed to stir things up and the period came back in force so we had to stop–her rules!  Still she had 4 orgasms.  On Tuesday we tried again.  She was tired, but I was again allowed to please her with my mouth and her penis.  She had an additional 6 orgasms and there was no sign of blood!  She rode me on Tuesday, and let me play with the girls.  It was a marvelous time!  The pic above was one that I was allowed to take on Tuesday. Personally I remained without orgasm, though she was fully satisfied!



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