Rules rules rules… Or How I Earn Punishment!

So I’m going to tell you how I earn my punishment numbers.  We have developed a series of rules that I am to observe at all times.  Currently we have 26 written rules, but there are unwritten rules too.  Generally speaking, the unwritten rules aren’t broken too often as they are somewhat ingrained in my brain.  An example of these is the rule not to leave the toilet seat up.  I don’t do that often, and frankly since I’m caged, I usually am sitting anyways.  The written rules have taken a little longer to flesh out and are a fluid thing.  Rules come and go.  Finally there are also temporary rules.

Likely the most important rule is the fact that my Queen is never wrong, makes all the rules and can interpret them anyway she likes.  So at times, if I annoy her, she will state that I’m in contravention of the rules and she will assign punishment.  If I argue, I can increase the number as I’m not allowed to argue with her.

The remainder of the rules are designed to minimize behaviours that my Queen finds odious or annoying.  I’m not allowed to interrupt her or be rude to her.  While typically I am polite, I can forget myself sometimes in the presence of others and my more naturally dominant personality comes to the for.  I can cut off my Queen or occasionally without meaning to, be rude to her.  She’ll give me a look or a short comment and immediately I realize what I’ve done and know that I will be punished for my transgression.  There are a number of pet phrases I use on a regular basis.  My Queen finds some of them truly annoying, so I’m not permitted to use them in her presence.  These are tough rules for me as I have used these phrases all of my adult life.  Frankly, I often still use them in my work environment.

Some of the rules are designed to make me neater.  I must pick up after myself and put various items away.  If I leave them lying around, my punishment number increases.  I’m to keep myself well groomed–eyebrows, ear, nose, and pubic hair must be trimmed to her liking at all times.  Other rules are designed to make my Queen’s  life easier.  I must make sure the outside light is on so that when my Queen arrives home, she isn’t arriving in darkness.

Still other rules deal with showing my Queen respect.  I’m not to walk in front of my Queen at any time.  I’m to open doors for her and shut them afterwards–if they need to be closed.  These rules are in addition to the rules mentioned above about being polite and not arguing.  When we are watching TV together, I must ask permission to look/use my phone.  I’m to respond to my Queen quickly if she asks anything of me.  Failure to answer or answering slowly will result in punishment.

The final rules all deal with sex and sexual situations.  I’m not allowed to ask sexual questions without permission.  Nor can I instigate sexual conduct–she has all the control of all sexual acts.  She can ask me to be rough or to act like I’m dominating her, but she is ultimately in control and I cannot orgasm without permission–even if I’m dominating her.  I am not allowed to grope her–I admit that at times I like to do this–I think all males do!  In my case it adds to my punishment number.  Finally, I must sit to pee whenever I am home even if I am not caged.  This amuses my Queen.

So as I said I have 26 rules currently.  While I haven’t listed them exactly, I have given you the gist of them.  Most rule infractions add 40 to my punishment number.  There are occasionally times where my Queen will desire something of me and will make up a temporary rule on the spot.  We might be out somewhere and I might be fatigued.  If she catches me nodding off, she has at times warned me of dozing telling me that if I doze I will be subject to (usually) an extreme punishment as she wants my company.  I do everything in my power to make sure I don’t fall asleep.  At other times, she introduces other rules just for the evening or situation we find ourselves in.

Now while I have discussed punishment in other posts, I just want to go over how I’m punished.  My Queen doesn’t like to punish me when others are around.  Therefore, my number often rises to something really big.  Slathering Icy hot over her (my)cock and balls along with my nipples and anus is good for a reduction of 20 from the number.  I think this is because the Icy Hot lasts about 15-20 minutes at full power before it starts to fade away.  Using the zapper also reduces the number, but it is a reduction of one for every zap.  I’m fairly certain that few people know the ‘pleasure’ of receiving several hundred zapps back to back.  lol  Spanking also lowers the number and again one spank is equal to 1 of the number.  She uses a variety of implements to spank, but I really don’t like receiving huge numbers of spanks at one time.  It can cause marks that last for up to two weeks and make sitting less than pleasant.  She has used other means of punishment.  In the fall, I was forced to do laps in the pool–at the time the pool temp was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  That was less than pleasant.  Particularly as if I didn’t finish the number of laps she had wanted, the punishment number would increase instead of being lowered.  She has used soap in my mouth and made me sleep on the floor or in the garage–though these punishments are very rare.

At the moment my number is 200 even.  I likely won’t get punished until the April 1st weekend.  Hopefully the number will not be too much bigger or she will find some time prior to that weekend to dish out some punishment.


  1. I find it interesting that she asks you to be rough with her sometimes. Is that difficult for you? I think of partners as either dominant or submissive and wonder if I could see any of them as both…

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    • In my daily life I am in charge of many. I am in control and make decisions for others on a regular basis. So while I prefer to be sexually submissive, I can still be that while being forceful and strong and even dominant. I mean if I am submissive but my Queen wants me to dominate her, my dominance is actually a clear indication of my submissiveness. lol

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  2. Entertaining. I especially like that she can make up a rule on the spot if she needs to. She sounds like a great fun lady. What does your queen do when she fun outside the home?

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    • We go to a lot of music concerts–some really big and some small. Mostly rock and blues though other genres occasionally too. We both go to the gym and workout 5-6 days a week. She likes games–board games and cards. We both like to travel.

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      • Our party here are blues and rock too. We work in live music at times. At a footy game tonight for the red and black army. 4 years goes forward tonight. Organized a jam last night with a guy who funds and promotes a few bands.

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  3. amazing – you are extraordinary – such a world you and i both live in. i love your new look on the blog – i have had no computer for a long time –

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  4. I just found your blog today and am very intrigued as there are many aspects or your relationship that are goals of mine. I have been very interested in the use of a zapper. Are you using a dog zapper?
    My wife would probably think that was crazy to use, on the other hand she really likes to tease and would think it fun to see my reaction to an unexpected zap.

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    • The zapper is a dog zapper. I cut the collate portion to a length that really acts almost as a cock ring. Initially my wife wanted no part of it but I bought one anyways. Now she loves it and all too often Zappa me at full power. I do indeed react.


  5. I love hearing about your Queen’s rules. I just posted an update our 2018 rules and also ‘while I’m away’ rules. I want to see if I can get my wife to read this post as I think it has good ideas.

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      • Ok, so she liked that your wife makes up rules on the spot and she is intrigued with the dog zapper and icy hot. I think she likes the general ‘show respect’ items which may provide support / justification for her requiring it more completely.
        I was told to search Amazon and locate these items. Would you recommend the pet smart version you have? On a side note, I was also looking for delay cream and came up with Doc Johnson Power Plus, but it seems a condom is used.

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      • My main delay spray is Stud 100. I’m in Canada and can buy it at virtually every sex toy store—though prices vary. In terms of the zapper, this one is good. It’s for small dogs but you need to be able to cut the “collar” so it fits around the base of your penis and balls. Lion of caged lion bought one a little after me and his has an app that allows his wife to control it via her phone. That’s a little more discreet.
        As to the icy hot, she massages it in when I’m uncaged. Angus responds as it’s a lube type substance initially. It also doesn’t hurt for the first minute or so, but then it gets very uncomfortable. I have to move to deal with it.

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      • Thanks for the info. We made an online order and got the one you have for two reasons
        1. neither of have smart phones at the moment.
        2. the Bluetooth version has a very short range and my wife is liking the idea of sending me out to do work and still zap me. The 400 yards covers that area nicely.

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      • I know 🙂 I thought about that after she responded favorable you reading your post. Just this morning she commented that if I had the collar on she would have zapped me for how poorly the bed was made.

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  6. Hello, my friend! I came to your blog seeking information. You mention here about the icy hot. Could you tell me more about it? Like, do you wear gloves when applying it (does it affect your hands)? How much do you use? Do you ever use it after a spanking? How long do the effects take to set in, and how long do they last generally? I am in a new situation with a Dom (though I haven’t put this out on my blog yet, so please don’t mention it) and he has asked me to buy some….and I just wanted to get information from someone who has used it as there is a lot of conflicting information on the web. Thank you in advance for your help! 🙂

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    • My Queen uses gloves to apply it as she doesn’t like the wintergreen smell on her hands. She slathers it on and in a few moments (not more than 60 seconds) it starts to work. She usually puts it on my nipples, penis, scrotum and in my anal crack. To be honest I usually only notice the stuff on my penis and scrotum. I like to move when it starts to work. On occasion I feel it in my nipples. It is quite strong for the first 10-15 minutes and then starts to diminish. Usually I don’t really feel it after 30 minutes. Be careful not to get it inside you. It’s meant for topical use only. We have never used it after a spanking. I would think that the extra blood flow combined with its effects might make it very difficult to stay still and it might itch a lot! I hope this helps. We do buy the extra strength version!

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