A Tower of Strength…and a new record!!

There have been several posts lately that reflect on submission and weakness.  From the perspective of both males and females.  Here is my take on it.  I am sexually submissive to my wife.  Angus is caged most of the time and this prevents erections and also orgasms–for the most part.  I suppose my Queen could use prostate massage to milk and drain me–that process is pleasurable and results in an ejaculation, but it’s not really an orgasm.  I have also agreed to follow her rules.  So whenever she feels strongly about something, I do my best to make it happen.  Whenever I fail to follow her rules I am punished.  The results are a relationship that is much closer than the one that we used to have.

And yet I still think of myself as an equal.  Physically I am stronger than my wife.  If I chose to do my own thing, she really couldn’t stop me.  She could leave me, but I could get my way.  That is not going to happen though.  I’m happier than I have ever been.  Though frankly I’m hornier than I’ve ever been too!  I feel complete in my submission.  My goal is to make her happy and to make her life easier.  I try to support her in everything she does.  She wants me to be strong and able to do that.  She isn’t seeking a sissy or a weakling.  I’m not denigrating people who are into that, but that isn’t us.

Our son is going through some rough times.  He is heavily into the drug culture and has huge anger issues.  His biological father is a terrible role model and is having a profound effect on his attitude and behaviours.  Our youngest daughter no longer lives at home.  She left of her own volition and has financial issues that we are unable to completely alleviate.  Her biological father (same guy) refuses to help her and has cut the money he gives to my wife.  The sheer meanness of her ex combined with the behaviours and attitudes of our son have stressed my Queen out.  Today I took her in my arms and tried to comfort her.  It was a help, but wouldn’t have been had I been regarded as weak by my Queen.  It’s only because I am strong that I can successfully do these types of things.  My strength is something my Queen can count on and use for support.

As a couple though, we work as a team.  While I acknowledge she is the leader, I do have input on most things we do or purchase.  Teamwork and cooperation help to bring us–and keep us close together.  But my submission is a key there.  Her surgery is also having a profound effect on how close we are.  More on this in my next post.

On another note, I have set a new record today…I have gone 80 days since my last orgasm.  I expect to continue smashing the record for quite some time, so eventually I may look back at this date and say, “80 days… that’s no big deal.”  However today it is a big deal.  Especially when I think about how many times I have had sex in those 80 days…  And I am sooooo horny!! lol



      • I have given her the right to decide when and if I get sexual pleasure! She controls when and if I get to have an erection. She does know that I like being really horny. She also knows that I get hornier when I’m not allowed to cum. I literally hunger to please her. She likes how excited I get when we have sex. At this point all such decisions are hers. I’m not even allowed to ask to cum without first getting permission to ask a question. When we have sex she tends to deny me that permission! She will allow me to orgasm again. I just don’t know when. She has said it won’t be this year, but that may be to tease me. Or not!

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  1. We too discuss larger purchases, as well as home projects, vacations, and the like. Mr Man and I are equal in value to each other, we just have unequal power in our relationship. I tend to be more organized than Mr Man; he takes care of the big picture and I handle the details. I think submissive partners tend to be strong individuals, I think it takes a lot of strength and trust to hand power over to another.

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    • I think every successful relationship involves two (or more) people who are valued in the relationship. I like how you stated it–equal value, but unequal power! Works for me! and us!


  2. I am enjoying reading about your dynamic. I see mutual strength, love and respect.

    Can it ask a personal question, going that long without ejaculating how do you avoid “blue balls”? Or do you ejaculate but just not orgasm, as with the practice of “milking”?

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  3. Great post and comments. One of my earliest post referred to the Matrix movie where people would climb into robot war machines that had greater power than the person themself. I related this to my wife directing me. She points me to a project and I work to my ability to complete it. There is also the protection aspect.

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