What a Difference a Day Makes!

Confidence is such an important character trait.  My wife has lacked that sense of self-worth and confidence all of her life–at least in one respect.  As she used to be very small chested, she couldn’t wear some of the clothes others wore and she felt she wasn’t feminine.  Her first husband verbally abused her for 15-16 years and nothing I could say or do would do anything to change her self view.  When we first met back in January of 2003, she indicated she was unhappy with the size of her breasts.  My love of her body and obvious appreciation did little to dispel her lack of confidence.  She would say that I was biased and I was supposed to like her body–but that she didn’t feel “womanly.”  There were times when she wasn’t comfortable being naked in front of me.

Now understand that my wife and Queen is a beautiful woman.  She has a figure that most women would die for!  She is fit, and has a great smile.  Her body turns mine to mush–but very hard mush! lol  My sisters and some of my women colleagues have complimented her on numerous occasions, but their comments also had no effect.  So this year when a little money came our way, we spent it on some surgery for my wife.  This was not at my request or desire, but solely for her.  She had  what the Doctor called a “mommy makeover.” This was a breast enhancement surgery along with a tummy tuck.  My wife had some lose skin in her abdomen that showed even though my wife was super fit and super lean.  For a month roughly, we hadn’t had any sex but finally she was well enough for us to resume our sex life (see “Sex Resumes… or Whoopee!!” blog from Feb. 4, 2017).

Life has changed.  At the moment my wife appears to be a 34 DD.  She has started to go to the gym again and will be back to her normal fit self in a few months.  She is more than a physically changed person though.  Going from a 34 A to a 34 DD has given her a whole new lease on feeling good about herself.  People are now dropping their eyes and staring at her chest.  They are not looking her in the eyes!  She is able to wear clothes she always wanted to wear but couldn’t because of her lack of breasts.  She feels sexy and more feminine.  This has translated to a whole new level of confidence.  I am enjoying the change myself.  I loved her old body, but I also love her new body.  More importantly I love the change that has come over her.  She is much more sexual now!  And it seems like she is far more willing to indulge herself!  We have had numerous quickies in the past few weeks when we have 10-15 minutes without kids.  She has been relaxed enough to attain orgasm quickly and powerfully.  Of course I don’t get to orgasm, but I still am enjoying the process…lol

She has also started to send me pics of herself to tease me at work and that is beyond hot to me!  These changes are only happening because of a huge shift in her self-perception!  I love it!  I now wish we had found a way to do the surgery much earlier in our lives together.  So… what a difference a day makes–one little bit of surgery and a whole new attitude about oneself becomes reality!


  1. I love quickies 🙂 Over the past few years we have learned to take advantage of these times. It is how we can maintain an average of 3 times a day. They’re like very personal hugs.

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