Thoughts on Marriage–The Beginning of the End?

I’ve been doing some cleaning.  I found a thank-you note from a friend and colleague that we received after attending her wedding.  It was one of the nicest weddings I’ve been to–very romantic and full of emotion.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves–which is not necessarily the norm at weddings.  I looked at the note with a sad smile.  You see, my friend is in the midst of what is turning out to be an awful divorce.  Her husband is trying to hide money and has transferred things into his own name as opposed to their names.  He–let’s just say he’s being a jackass!

My friend is a strong woman.  They have three beautiful kids and Dad is doing everything to screw her up–his vindictiveness seems to know no bounds.  It hurts me to see her hurt and to see this formerly happy family come to this.  I think about the marriage and how it seemed like the beginning, but is now showing itself as the beginning of the end.  I’ve been through a divorce and I know emotions can run high, but I never would have hurt my ex-wife or children.  Divorce is an awful thing that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, but it is easier if both parties can at the least “stay civil” towards each other.  Cheaper too!

Why are they no longer a couple?  They’ve grown apart.  His job has him traveling out of town on a regular basis for extended business trips.  They didn’t spend time together and one day she realized that she no longer had a lover, but just had a mostly absent roommate.

I think the same reasons are likely why my first marriage broke up.  It is one of the reasons why I do my utmost to protect time with my wife.  We schedule it into our lives on a regular basis.  I don’t want to ever go through that (divorce) again.  Marriage is work!  It can be so rewarding, but it is never easy!

Sorry that there is no chastity stuff here today!  But as a real person, other thoughts will come up.  I am getting excited though as I’m almost at 100 days since my last orgasm.  I keep track of it with an app called HowManyDays.  Works well, though sometimes I seem to have to encourage it to keep up. When I wrote my last post, the app didn’t automatically update and I erroneously put down 95 days–but I edited that post so it’s correct now!  lol   However if my Beloved Wife and Queen keeps to her word (not changing her mind), I’m still 261 days from orgasm (January 1, 2018).  I’m still optimistic though that she will not make me wait that long.


  1. I could be reading about me five yrs ago. It’s resonated so much with me. Im in a better and happier place now. Hopefully your friend will be

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      • High insight is a wonderful thing I know. For me even though it horrendous as I assume for you. I look back and I’m thankful for what happened….but I guess right now she’s not remotely near that….ps I do read you, no need to thank

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