How Well Do I Write or Be Careful What You Wish For

One of the conditions of my chastity is that I write a journal.  While I don’t write an entry every day, I am supposed to try and it probably happens 4-6 days a week.  In my journal, I’m supposed to record daily thoughts, fantasies, dreams, concerns etc.  Anything that catches my attention really is fair game.  I include the punishment number of the moment and also an indication of horniness and also of my sexual frustration.

Yesterday, my Queen read my journal for the first time in 2-2.5 weeks. In those weeks, I lamented about her leniency in forgiving me my transgressions of her rules.  Several times I had broken rules–accidentally and then been caught only to have her decide to forgive me the punishment.  Now I’m not anxious to get punished.  The idea of punishment is a turn-on as is the memory, but the reality of the actual punishment is very unpleasant.  So I tend to try not to break the rules.  But I also feel closer to my wife as a result of punishment and consistency in the application of rules will ultimately help me to avoid breaking them.  So if I break them I and get caught, I should be punished.

These were thoughts that I shared in my journal over several days–along with the examples of things I had done to contravene the rules.  So in effect I argued that I shouldn’t be spared–i.e. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t spend the time!” or “Spare the rod and spoil the child (chaste man).”

So my Queen read the journal.  As is her wont, she makes comments (in red ink) as she goes through it.  One of them indicated that she saw my point and then over the 15 posts she added various punishments.  All told she added 200 to my punishment number–then last night she added some more and today again.  So my punishment number is headed back towards the stratosphere once again up to 520.  Damn I’m a convincing writer!  I will be taking great care not to break any rules.  Some of the rules I “broke” today were so slight and minor that they aren’t even written down–and I have never been called on them before.  They haven’t even been mentioned before.  So I have to watch my step!

Moving in another direction, in my journal I had recounted a couple of fantasies and a dream that I remembered.  So while reading my journal (and working from home), my Queen became very horny.  As she was home alone, she decided to take a break from work and masturbate.  She used my dream and fantasies to help her achieve orgasm!  Then she used messenger to send me a couple of NSFW photos along with some exciting words.  Angus was straining at his cage!  I find the act of sending an intimate photo to me to be highly arousing!  And it’s the gift that keeps on giving as I’ve looked at those photos many many times.  Can life get any better?


  1. I think it’s great that you are willing to be so honest and add to your punishment number. I’ve always felt it was my responsibility to confess to my rule breaks. The heightened level of honesty and communication, as well as the physical discipline when needed, has increased our level of intimacy and closeness. I’m glad she enjoyed your fantasies, and her photos were a lovely token of appreciation.

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    • I suggested a long time ago that I should have to report rule transgressions. She didn’t like that idea. However if she asks I must respond truthfully. She has been much stricter over the past three days. My number is up to 840. I hope my son goes out for a while soon so we can whittle it down a little. Next weekend it should just be my wife and I. I don’t want a number in the thousands then. lol.

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  2. I use a journal also… and in the same way.
    I agree 100% with you on the punishment leniency part. I have a number of infractions overlooked. This may change in a week or two if my wife likes using the dog training collar, so I’m not bringing it to the forefront right now 🙂

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