Records and Our Anniversary

So my last post was apparently my 50th on WordPress!  Woo Hoo another record being broken as I type!  It’s always nice to break records–well mostly nice anyways! lol  But I digress a little.  I will come back to that point but first our anniversary!

Monday night (April 17) was our anniversary.  We’ve been together since first meeting in January 2003–the speed at which we became a serious couple was astonishing.  I was already thinking marriage within a few weeks of meeting my Queen.  Now I didn’t mention this fact to her as I didn’t want to scare her off, but I was pretty sure we would end up marrying.  In fact I told a close friend the day after I first met my Queen that I was going to marry her.  Still, it took a while to get to that point and we had numerous difficulties along our path that we had to overcome.  We faced those difficulties together and supported each other and eventually every problem was dealt with and we were still together and even stronger as a couple.  Eventually we tied the knot and last Monday was our Anniversary.

Now the sad thing was it was during the work week.  Still, we took the time to dress up and go out to a nice restaurant for dinner.  The food was fabulous and the service exemplary.  We had a pleasant time together (no phones allowed) and then returned home.  Romance was in the air, but I wasn’t optimistic.  We get up at 4:00 most mornings and by the time we went to bed, it was just after 10:00.  On top of that my son was still up.  My Queen is usually reluctant to do anything sexual in these situations.  Because of the rules, I am not allowed to initiate sex–I can be very aggressive when the light turns “green”, but until that happens I have to refrain from suggestions, groping or anything else sexual.  My Queen controls all of that.

So we watched a little bit of TV, snuggled and then turned off the lights.  I gave her a goodnight kiss and was very surprised when her lips parted and she made the kiss very sexual.  So we started to neck.  I allowed my hands to run over her body–actively staying away from her “special” parts.  I kissed her and then her neck and ears.  She pulled me on top of her and reached down for her penis.  She had unlocked me earlier for ease of access so Angus was erect and raring to go.  She masturbated him while our kisses became even more passionate.  I allowed my hands to wander gently over her parts–but didn’t allow them to linger anywhere.  Finally she pulled her cock to her kitty and inserted Angus.  I started to pump her–hard and fast.  This is how she really likes to be fucked.  I was very excited, but managing to keep myself in check.  When I started to get close, I pulled out of her and went down on her.  I expected to be prevented from licking Kitty, but was pleasantly surprised.  She actually pulled my face into her kitty.  Soon I was exercising my tongue and she came flooding my face with her juices.  I was still raring to go (this happens when you are not allowed to orgasm for a while), so Angus reentered Kitty.  However I was beginning to get close to orgasm.  I stopped and pulled out baby blue (a vibrator–will be writing a review soon).  This allowed me to slow down but still remain inside her while baby blue vibrated against her clit.  As she approached orgasm again, I once again used my mouth along with baby blue until she squirted and had an epic orgasm.  I tried to reenter Kitty, but wasn’t allowed as she was satisfied.  We cleaned up, went back to bed and kissed good night again!  Angus was still erect when I fell asleep a few minutes later, and that’s how he was when I awoke the next morning.  Still shortly after waking up, Angus was back in the cage.  The weekend was over and easy access was no longer needed.

Now a personal sexual record was set on Monday.  Ironically our anniversary was also the first time I had gone 100 days without an orgasm.  That record is today at 103 days, but I thought it was pretty cool that it was an even 100 on our anniversary.  I have no idea how long the streak will go, but I do know that my wife likes my urgency and obvious desire for her.  While I always desire her, after an orgasm, there is always a drop in the urgency I have when I make love.  And she does like that urgency!

Sorry to make two posts in the same day, but I had the opportunity and didn’t want to include both ideas in the same post.  Have a great evening!


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