Masturbation: Then and Now?? or Angus Grows Up!

As a male who discovered the pleasures of masturbation relatively young, I have likely masturbated tens of thousands of times.  But not recently…lol!  My big brother told me when I was about 11 that if I rubbed my penis it would feel really good and I would release some white “stuff”.  I already had pubic hair and had sprouted to a reasonable height.  In other words I was well into puberty so I had to try!  At the earliest opportunity I started to rub/stroke my cock.  Bang!! I had my first orgasm and was hooked.  Thereafter I searched for opportunities to get myself off!  I would do it in the shower using soap for lube.  I did it in bed–anytime I could find some privacy I would masturbate.  There were days that I masturbated more than 10 times cumming each time–this is not an exaggeration.  There were days that I masturbated so frequently that I had a “dry” orgasm–with no semen at all being ejaculated.  I sometimes came close to being caught, but managed never to actually be discovered.  I would have been mortified.  As I entered my teens, I would walk into the woods near my home.  There were a couple of spots that were pretty secluded and I would strip naked and masturbate there.  I kept my eyes open and had found some nudie mags.  I hid them in these outdoor spots so I had eye candy to feed my masturbation addiction.  Then I discovered Penthouse and forum letters.  More ideas to help me get off!

Gradually over time, I discovered my own kinks–things that appealed to me and excited me.  I found I loved women who were clean shaven.  When I was about 19, I started to date a girl who turned out to be dominant.  Not sure how common this was, but it was really my first exposure to the whole scene.  She was the one who introduced me to almost all aspects of BDSM.  I might never have discovered my desire to be submissive without her help!  Unfortunately we eventually broke up, but I discovered my love of watersports, and forced cum eating through her actions.  She loved me to use my mouth on her when she was urinating and loved to force me to masturbate asking permission to cum.  She would grant me permission eventually and dictate where I was to do it.  After my orgasm, she would often have me lick it up.  This wasn’t something I had thought about previously, but after she was out of my life, I would sometimes still do it as an act of imaginary submission to someone.

By now, I was purchasing my own mags, and books that had great sex scenes to help me achieve success when masturbating.  I would hide them but they were a necessary part of my masturbatory experience.  When I married, I figured my masturbation days would be over, but my new wife seldom wanted sex.  And I do mean seldom.  So eventually I found myself masturbating as much or more than I had prior to marriage.  As the marriage progressed, I often thought we were a good match in all ways but one–and that one was sexually.  I was married to her for 17 years and yet I can only think of a couple of times where the sex was hot!  Most times she didn’t want an orgasm–just wanted me to finish as quickly as possible.  Frankly, making love with her was less satisfying than masturbation and masturbation became my default sex life–again.  With the advent of the internet, porn became more easily found and masturbation fodder was readily available.  I would tease myself (effectively edging myself) over and over until finally I would let myself cum.

When I met my second wife, the sparks flew!  When we first had sex, it was awesome.  I had forgotten how good two person sex could be.  We quickly became an item and our sex life just kept getting better.  As we grew closer and closer to each other, we shared fantasies and desires and started to act them out/explore!   At one point I realized I wasn’t masturbating any longer.  I realized I wasn’t doing it because I was completely satisfied.

One day my Queen asked me about masturbation and I shared that I was not doing it any longer.  She expressed disbelief and told me that I should do it on those occasions where we weren’t having sex as often.  So I started again at times when we were going to go a couple of weeks between sex acts and when I had time to myself.  We even masturbated mutually.  I had the idea to keep a “cum” cup.  This was a glass that I would use to deposit my load and then I would freeze.  Gradually this cup would fill and when it was filled, my Queen might make me have it in some way–as syrup in an ice cream sundae, or as milk over my cereal.  It was definitely a kinky thing to do.  At this time my Queen was actively supporting my masturbation habit.

When I approached my Queen about chastity and cages, she was agreeable–willing to try it.  That story has been chronicled earlier in my blog.  The biggest change to my life was the abrupt cessation of my masturbation.  I went from masturbating at least once on most days to not even being able to have an erection.  Well as that first session of chastity was approaching it’s end, I took the opportunity one day to search for the key!  My wife was out and I wanted to see if I could find it.  I did and then jokingly told her.  I said it was because I wanted to masturbate.  I thought she would take it as a joke and might extend the contract as punishment, but instead she was very upset.  She saw it as a breach of trust and it was!  I just had been too stupid to realize that in advance.  The thought that I might want to masturbate instead of being with her was hurtful.  My supportive Queen was now looking at masturbation in a whole different way.  It had become cheating for her.  I will not cheat on my wife!

I haven’t masturbated on my own in well over a year.  The only times I masturbate now are when my Queen tells me to do so.  She has to provide the key so that I can remove the cage so she is always there.  I have been permitted to orgasm only once–that was after my old 72 day record between orgasms!  At that time she had me ejaculate on her ass and then lick it off.  I have learned my lesson and would never look for the key.  I would also never contemplate masturbation on my own–even if I had the key.  I seriously gave my wife all rights and privileges of my penis–she controls orgasms, erections–indeed all sexual activity.  She has even named her penis Angus!  My only purpose is to support her and please her if she decides she wants it.  Angus and I have grown up!

P.S. A note on the picture. This is a picture taken before this current chastity contract started.  The cage marks are on Angus, but no masturbation took place on this day!  I had permission to take the cage off for the purposes of photography!  Still it is the closest thing I have to an actual masturbation picture! lol


    • See between us has always been volcanic!! And keeps getting better and better! When the children were smaller there was more opportunity as well. I started masturbating again after she suggested it and the frequency of sex was diminishing due to older more inquisitive children. Of course now mastirbation is impossible! lol. Though I admit that there are times when I’d like to take things into my own hands! I seem to be perpetually horny and always honking about sex. I guess that’s a side effect to being caged and teased regularly!

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  1. I’ve got to get to a computer so I can edit out the spell check autocorrections. Honking?? I typed thinking but likely missed a letter so honking came to be. Still in response, sex still is great and we have lots of it. I just don’t get to orgasm. 112 days now. Should do a post on this. lol


  2. May I just tell you how much I love seeing your erect cock? If I was your queen, that lovely thing would be required to cum for me DAILY at the very least.

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    • Hmmm well it hasn’t cum for quite some time. 6 months to be precise. And another six months before that can happen–if I win my wager. Otherwise still 18 months away. But thanks. Angus appreciates the comment.

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      • There is no way on earth that I would allow that gorgeous cock to not keep my filled with semen! I have to have Paul’s inside me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! I crave the sensations of being full of his gorgeous manhood and to feel his cum pumping into me. If we miss a day, I feel it. My emotions are off. I feel down. No, Michael, I’d want that inside of me every day, flooding me with your semen if that was mine to enjoy.

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  3. My dear, I don’t think you understand. *I* could NOT go without having my hubby’s cum. I need it. I need to feel it, taste it, smell it, see it. His semen is MINE and I WANT IT! Cum is a necessary part of our love-making!

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  4. It’s funny I had much the same experience as a youth with masturbation. I think it must be the time in history. No internet magazines dirty paper backs. I had an ammo box hidden in the woods behind our house under a pine trees boughs. I would take my clothes off lay them out like a blanket and read and masturbate. As I work away from home for weeks at a time I am left to my own devices and toss one off at least once a day. I think my daily ejaculations are what keeps my testosterone levels high and accounts for everyone guessing my age consistently 10 years low. Maybe being caged and consistently horny will have the same affect O.o

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    • In my youth I used to do something similar. lol Prior to my caging, I masturbated often. Not necessarily every day but at least 7-8 times a week. So on some days I would do it more than once.


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