New Records and What a Follower of Blogs Should be??

So I came close–very close this past weekend to cumming.  We enjoyed each other three times (euphemism for having sex…lol)  The picture above is me (Angus) ready on our first sexual session of the weekend.  My beautiful Queen teased me to the edge on each sexual session–so  many times that in the end each time I was shaking with desire.  Of course at that point, she stated, “That’s it… We’re done” or words to that effect.  Orgasm totals for the weekend were 11 for my Queen and nadda for me!  I am not exaggerating how I shake with desire.  I become hyper-sensitive and yet I still seek stimulation. My body literally quivers.  My Queen finds me amusing at this time.  She wants to go until I get to this point and only then does she want to stop.

The weekend was also the end of a calendar month.  So for the first time since I discovered I could orgasm, I have gone three calendar months in a row without an orgasm.  I can’t count January as I did have an orgasm on January 7th (my only one this year).  Still I’m at 115 days since orgasm which is another record.  The hits just keep on coming!  My Queen again stated this weekend that I wouldn’t be cumming again this year.  I must have a screw loose, because I find that to be very hot!   If that’s the case, I have 244 days to wait.  Truthfully I am so enjoying sex with my wife.  I love to give her pleasure in any way I can and I get so close myself that I’m almost orgasmic…  Almost, but not quite.

On another note, my new and stricter wife had caught me in rule violations enough times to drive my number up to the highest it had ever been–1100.  This weekend she brought the number down to 640.  With any luck, I will be good enough not to increase it again.  640 is still a number that will cause me great discomfort.  This weekend, she used Icy Hot (applied to my genitals and ass crack as well as to my nipples), my zapper–she’s getting more inventive with it’s use.  She’s being more random in when she shocks me which makes the shocks more effective.  She’s also using the highest settings more often.  In terms of spanking this weekend, she only spanked me 30 paddles worth.  Who knows how the 640 will shrink–or what she will use to discipline me.  Because I got off so lightly with the spanking this past weekend, I am certain that more paddling will be in my immediate future.

I was thinking about how I follow blogs recently.  I feel that I should try and read what those I follow post.  I also believe it is important for me to make comments and share or start a dialogue with the bloggers about their posts.  Lately I am finding this difficult to do.  I’ve started to follow enough blogs now that there are days when I end up crashing without reading all the daily posts.  So I am having some difficulty reading everything and responding in the way I want to.  Nonetheless, I will continue to try and do so.  I so very much appreciate those who take the time to comment on my posts that I realize the importance of doing so.  I really believe it is my duty as a follower.

To wrap up this post, I would like to thank all those who have followed me.  You make blogging fun!


  1. I do enjoy reading your blogs, I have always been very curious about male submissives & slaves, I am learning a great deal from you, thank you for sharing 🙂


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  2. That’s one hella beautiful composition. I was just wondering if I missed a notification on your posts the last few days and glad to see your latest entry. May I just say that your queen is beautiful.

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  3. Ok let me just say orgasm denial is SOOOOOO frackin hot and I’m super jealous but I”m not sure that I could do a year!

    P.s. I was wondering why I was missing your posts in my box, seems that WP unfollowed which was uncool but I’m back now so YAY!!! 😍

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  4. I like your theory of following blogs. As often as we have commented, I never went to yours (its really a time thing – I only am allowed a set time each day.) I typically don’t follow blogs that post daily or close to it as I can just hop over to them and see new things. I try to follow blogs that post infrequently, then I get notification that there is something new.
    That said, now that I’ve seen yours I want to read more… your going to cost me many, many days of blog time 🙂

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