Rule suggestions??

Short post here. I have been tasked with coming up with new rules. These will not replace our current rule set but will be added to it. I’ve been racking my brain about this but what I’ve come up with isn’t very impressive. I mean we already have over 30 rules. So I’m asking if any of you have ideas. Our current rules centre on our sex life, my demonstration of respect, and eliminating annoying behaviours and habits.  This doesn’t mean other areas aren’t in play but just that most of our rules likely fit into one of the three categories above. If you have any ideas I welcome them.  I may suggest all or none of them but they may jog my brain from its stalled position.  Thanking you in advance, I remain collaredmichael.  


  1. Rules are such a personal thing, it’s hard to suggest more than generalities. Sex life, respect, personal behaviors and habits seem fairly comprehensive. It’s also dependent on the things she wants to control. You could think about areas over which she doesn’t take much control but might like to, for example: finances/controlling your spending; personal grooming, dress, & health; household chores and yard work. Are there areas that you would like to better yourself or things you’d learn to do and having that motivation would help? Good luck in your quest. 🍀

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  2. I don’t know why this is coming to mind but….perhaps a rule that can be enforced with only a gesture? Sound odd? Most of the times I’ve been congratulated on my parenting style have been in busy stores, waiting in lines with my three kids under 7. I’ve perfected a snap of the fingers that the kids know is the last straw. Somehow they hear it over all the whining, and asking for candy, and being tired. It makes an impression on the other tired, grumpy people in line too. Most of them are reminded of their grandmothers, lol. I think I’ve read in other places, how much the submissive mindset enjoys an unspoken command in a crowded room. Just food for thought.

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