A Weekend Away

This past weekend, my Queen and I left home for a 4 hour drive up the road and a family wedding.  We booked a hotel room and looked forward to some much needed time away from home and chores and kids!  We have recently started to listen to audio books while we commute to work and though the type of books we both enjoy are totally different, my wife thought that the one she had just started to listen to would be something we might enjoy together.  She was one CD in, so I took that CD with me to work on Friday and caught up to my Queen.  The book in Question was:  The Wild Oats Project:  One Woman’s Midlife Quest for Passion at Any Cost.  It is written by Robin Rinaldi.

In a brief synopsis, Robin was a successful journalist who was married and 44 years old.  Her husband had refused her request to have children for all their marriage and finally had a vasectomy.  At that point, she decided to leave the monogamous lifestyle and explore her own sexuality.  She and her husband agreed to an open marriage and she took a flat a few blocks away from home.  For a year she lived there from Monday to Friday and on the weekends she would come home.  During the week, she would explore her sexuality while on the weekends she would return home to be a wife.  The book is very open and honest.  Living in San Francisco, Robin had opportunities that likely wouldn’t have been available in most other cities.  She went to workshops on sex and sexuality while seeking men with whom she could try new things.  There were rules in place, but I won’t bother to list them here.  And while we haven’t yet finished listening to this memoir, one of the things that caught our attention on the way to the wedding was an exercise Robin had done in one of the workshops she had attended.

The workshop suggested that a slow and gentle stroking of a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes could be a worthwhile endeavour.  When we arrived at our hotel, this segment of the book had worked it’s way into both of our brains.

At any rate, we went to the wedding.  It was as unique a wedding as I’ve ever been to–the first wedding I’ve ever been to that did not involve God or some deity at all.  Perhaps for that reason, the wedding was very brief.  In fact the whole ceremony likely took between 10 and 15 minutes.  I was shocked when it was over.  But then the party began.

Hours later, we left and went to our hotel room.  My Queen was horny having listened to Robin describe sexual adventures all day and then reading my journal for the first time in two weeks.  She had me strip and moments later had her first orgasm on my tongue.  We had fabulous sex for about 95 minutes during which my Queen had 8 orgasms.  At the end I was again shaking with desire.  This is the time that my Queen loves.  She likes to really tease me when I get to this state.  She told me that she wanted me to enter her and pump her hard and fast at least 10 times.  I started to do so and as I counted 4, she said “One”.  After about twenty thrusts I had to pull out as I was so close to cumming.  She had only counted 4.  She reached down and grabbed Angus masturbating him.  I was so close–I pulled away, but thought that I was too late.  Somehow I managed not to cum–ruined or otherwise.  A few moments later she had put Angus back into Kitty and I was pumping vigorously again.  I got really close again when she said, “That’s it… I need to sleep!”  So the night was over.  I had survived another close call.  And today I’m 128 days since orgasm.

Sunday morning we awoke very leisurely.  She asked me to read to her, so I pulled out the erotica I am reading to her and started to read.  Then she told me to set the timer for 15 minutes and I realized we were going to try the clitoral stroking method suggested by Robin Rinaldi.  Angus immediately jumped to attention!

I set my phone timer and lay facing my Queen between her legs.  She spread them and I gently started to stroke her clitoris with my thumb.  I hadn’t brought lube with me, so had to use saliva, but I tried my best to duplicate the techniques that Robin had spoken about.  It seemed to be working as about 4 minutes into the experiment, my Queen pulled my face to her kitty and commanded me to use my mouth.  She had a mind blowing orgasm very shortly thereafter and then I slipped Angus into Kitty for some different stimulation.  By the time the timer went off, she had had two orgasms and the second one was one of those orgasms that just keeps on going!  We continued to play with each other until once again I was a shaking quivering mess.  And then we stopped.  Another 6 orgasms for my bride.  Another fun session for me with lots of frustration at the end of it all.

We cleaned up and went for breakfast before driving home.  I was looking forward to another love making session at home (before the kid reentered) but alas it wasn’t to be.  As the day went on, my Queen started to feel unwell and by the time we arrived home, she wasn’t feeling very well at all.    Still, it was a fabulous weekend from my perspective!  I just hope my Queen recovers quickly.


      • Just bought it on Apple. I can totally see that happening in a marriage and it totally bucks convention and definitely triggering for many people.

        My best friend and her husband were in an open marriage for some time though I didn’t know it. I thought they were kidding the whole time. She could be with another woman while he could have a pick of whatever woman he wanted – until he told her he wanted me. That just about (almost) destroyed my friendship with her and I would have appreciated a heads up instead of wondering what her husband was doing coming on to me when he was in town on business LOL I said nope, I was going to talk to her first and then told her that it just wasn’t my thing. The broke up shortly after and she’s now with her high school sweetheart and very monogamous.

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