The Beauty of Conferences–A Natural Aphrodisiac?

I recently (last week) attended a conference–it is one that I have been attending for about 7 years.  Most years it has been a three day conference though this year it had been shortened to only two days.  The conference is in the States so it involves traveling for me, and a hotel stay of several nights.  I haven’t been in chastity when I’ve been there before, so this year was a new experience.  I admitted to my Queen that every year I’ve gone I have masturbated each night at least twice and sometimes more often.  This year was different.  Because I was crossing the border, I was not in my Jail Bird.  Instead I went in my CB6000.  As it is a plastic cage, and as I have plastic locks, it isn’t something that will set off metal detectors.  To be frank, I am unsure if the x-ray machines will pick it up–but I’m assuming that they don’t.

So once everything was done for each day, I retired to my bedroom and didn’t masturbate.  It was kind of a weird feeling.  Still can’t do that with a cage and it’s against the rules anyways.  I wouldn’t have done it even if I was uncaged.  Without my Queen’s express permission, masturbation is an activity I am not to engage in.  My Queen regards it as a major problem–cheating on her–if only with my own hand!  I learned that in my first chastity contract.

Still when I informed her how often I usually masturbated at this conference, she was surprised.  So it was exciting to me for her to insist that I wore the CB6000 and also that she noted the number on the lock.  That measure of control she was demanding was very hot!

I do know guys who cheat on their wives when they go places.  I have never understood that.  It’s one thing to masturbate, but to actually find someone and betray their wives–that is just so uncool!  The only time I will ever be with someone other than my Queen is if she initiates the scene.  I don’t expect that to happen any time soon.  I suppose I can’t say it will never happen as we fantasize often about interacting with others–but there are many variables that cause us concern.  We have no problem having sex in front of others, but risking infection by involving others–that is a big step!

When I returned from the conference, my Queen examined my plastic lock.   It was intact and the number though faded, was mostly legible.  So I passed the test!  I hope to have some serious reward sex this coming weekend.  The wedding weekend didn’t count. lol  I may not have an orgasm–in fact I would be very surprised if I did, but I hope to give my Queen 10-15 orgasms over the course of the weekend.  My son should be gone at least part of the weekend and that is always a good thing when I start thinking about sex!  It allows my Queen to relax and that is the best thing of all–a natural aphrodisiac!


    • I have always masturbated in secrecy. When I was a kid it would have been beyond belief to be discovered doing “it”. Old habits die hard. I knew my wife knew that I masturbated but I never advertised the fact. I suspect that she was really just surprised at the frequency!

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  1. My wife has a bit of a fascination with the risk of me being caught in security. She has a bit of a grin on her face when that comes up, but she’s never “made” me do it (I also have a CB-6000S, my primary device). In truth, I’m often traveling with collegues so the embarrassment would be a little much for me. And frankly, that machine picks up EVERYTHING. I’m certain I got patted down for just having some receipts in my pockets. It seems like I get padded down almost every time ~ maybe I just have bad luck.

    In the male chastity forums I frequent, there seem to be mixed reviews on this matter. Some say, no problems (sounds like your example), others say they’ve been stopped.

    I sometimes wonder about the adoption of male chastity devices, and in truth, travel is probably the most logical usage of that in a “vanilla” setting. True, men are most likely to cheat when traveling: they have a hotel, some free time, an expense account, etc. Seems like the wives of the world could do a “word of mouth” chastity marketing campaign to provide some level of assurance that their hubbys are “good boys”.

    My wife did leave me locked up for a follow up doctor appointment. It was for a chest related issue I was having, so in reality the risk of getting a genital search was low, but still, there was that chance….

    Lastly, curious to know about the shift from plastic to metal. Did you swap out devices as some sort of “ritual” changing of the guard?

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    • To be honest I find the CB6000 far less comfortable than my Jail Bird. I also find it difficult to get into. The tube of the CB is pretty narrow. Still I’ve flown with it a few times without problem. I’ve also worn it to concerts without issue. I don’t think I’ve ever been patted down. But to discover it they’d have to get pretty personal. lol. I have also worn my Jail Bird to the doctors. There’s a frisson of excitement there as you never know…


    • Awe is nice but misplaced. I really had no choice! If I had broken the plastic lock, it would have been somewhat obvious to my Queen. I didn’t have another lock nor would the number have matched if I did! I’m just an obedient dude. Most of the time anyways! lol

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