Orgasm Updates Or the Fruits of My Passion!

So this will be a quick post.  I’ve been in chastity since June 6th of last year (2016).  It is my second time round and we’re doing so much better at it.  In large part that is the learned communication skills, but regardless, this contract currently goes until Jan. 31, 2018.  I’m already thinking about asking for an extension.  But I don’t want to rush it.

Our orgasm totals since June 6th are as follows.

From June 6th to Dec. 31st, my Queen had 217 orgasms while I had 4 and one ruined.

From January 1st to today, my Queen has had 164 orgasms while I have had 1.

So since we started this process, my Queen has had 381 orgasms while I have had 5 plus 1 ruined.  This calendar year, my goal was to give my Queen 500 orgasms and she has stated repeatedly that I’ve had my one orgasm for the year.  A woman’s prerogative is to change her mind (or so I’m told), so maybe I get lucky.  And whether I achieve my goal is also dependent on her because I can’t initiate sex or even talk about sex.  I just have to make the most of my chances.

This past weekend, my Queen wasn’t feeling her best.  As a result, despite having sex three times, I was only able to help her to 6 orgasms.  So I kind of count the weekend as a failure.  It’s hard to be orgasmic when you don’t feel well.  It was a long weekend and we were alone.  Usually that combination would have meant us having sex 5 or more times for an extended period of time each time.  That just didn’t happen this weekend.  Still we’ve got an average of more than one orgasm a day for her so far this year, so maybe…

Thanks for reading my blog!  I am enjoying the comments and appreciate the likes.  I hope everyone else has a great week!  Me, I’m just going to keep on trying to please my Queen and not let my frustration get the best of me…lol  I’ll just stay passionate for her!  She likes that!


  1. Thank you for outlining it for us! I was wondering about the details…how many orgasms she’d had, etc. What does it mean when you write one orgasm that was ruined?

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      • Thank you for explaining that. What often happens to me is I leak a small amount, a spurt or two, if i’m brought close to the edge and haven’t ejaculated for a while. The pressure rises to the point where some semen is simply forced out. This never happens to you?
        I guess we are all built differently 🙂

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